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48 x 18 x 30 - My Journey So Far


It started along time ago with a small 75 ltr FOWLR tank that lasted for approx 2 years, with a near wipeout from velvet and a drastic change in my financial situation heavy heartedly i gave in and moved on what was left, apart from 10kgs of LR, that was now dry and dead - lessons learnt from mistakes and a desire to return to the hobby with more understanding, more theories, more knowledge and a sort of plan (which changed numerous times i must add) but best of all... a new found family of friends on the salty box whos members, between them all, i can safely say... there aint much as a collective they dont know!!!

My system before displacement holds by my calculations and approx running depths about 502 litres :clap:

It started with a bid on ebay... a seabray tank, with various bits of equipment, about 20kgs of LR and 2 unexpected corals - I won... £216... off to enfield i went to collect the start of a long journey...

One negelcted tank in situ on a custom built stand (forward planning :smile:) - notice lack of wier - journey to calico sorted out wier, durso and relevent plumbing parts and a lighter wallet :whistling:

B&Q special - Blue gloss, and the tank was looking more respectable

A bad design by a shop - purchased by a niave reefer just before i closed my original tank down - but it works, bit different, sump is turned round for the photo - inlet is on the right, fuge/dsb is on the left - i had to use it as the missus wouldnt let me buy a new sump.. as you can see, its huge.. it is approx 44" x 20" x 18"


Cleaned tank with a display wet test with tap water

Cleartides HOB 750 fuge - bought with intention of pod safety and gracilaria cultivation - its fed via a t and a valve from my return

One 2yr old wanting to help by teaching me how to play the drums

One D&D 75gpd RO

New Filters, Membrane, DI pod and a booster pump gives me a 150gpd 0TDS pure water

Sump Equipment installed gagging for water

Yawn - trickle trickle

Yay, its hitting the sump

ATU installed with a finger crunching from one extremely powerful magnet Hysterical

Electrics remote to the sump... well, next cupboard along - since relocated ozone due to damp air issues and limited circulation

Be wary... a few bags of oolite added with instructions NOT TO RINSE - ends up with a frothy coffee look... and 24 hours later... settled



Tank ready for the scaping session - not looking forward to it i might add... 30" of depth and a fear of drowning :biggrin:

Scaped and sanded - wanted a structure with plenty of room for swimming, not touching any walls and caves and tunnels - think im happy with it - picture doesnt do it justice tbh

Quick, get a picture now the sands settled before the diatoms start - its lit under an aquamedic sunlight twin 150w halides and twin 54w T5's - as i rehung the light.. a halide blew on me Hysterical

Latest addition to the family... courtesy of Cockfields Thanks

AS it stands

OR6500 return pump -25mm piping which feeds the DSB/Fuge and HOB Fuge and terminates into a 16mm elbow in the tank
Aquamedic Sunlight 150w Twin Halides 54w T5 (lighting regime not started yet)
ATI Blue plus T5's
Will be 2 20k BLV nepturions and 2 electronic ballasts when i take it down on payday
TMC V2 Ozone
Aquamedic Turboflotor Multi SL 1000
HOB Fuge
H2Ocean FMR75 phos reactor with tank test HC Phos Remover
2 x Daylight CFL bulbs in standard household pendants
Tunze Osmolator
100lbs of Caribsea oolite just under 5" depth DSB
50Kg established LR
20kg's of Mixed TMC fine coral sand and caribsea seaflor special grade at approx 2" depth
currently running on a fluval 300w heater - awaiting 2 titanium 300w's for my birthday :clap:

Initial mix was RSCP

250ml of purigen
150g carbon
150gm phos remover (will test and add more accordingly)

Live rock in sump in baffle to act as a bubble trap as had problem with microbubbles from skimmer

cheato lit opposite to tank in dsb and a couple of small pieces of LR

last tests where

Ammonia - NIL
Nitrite - NIL
Nitrates - 10ppm
Mag - 1310
phos - need a new kit

its late and i know i have missed things... plenty of edits ahead

Once my halides fixed i shall retest params and if ok transfer over my leather and track down some cuc...

more pictures to follow as i stock up


Looks good so far.
Is the ATU float the right way up? Pobrobably is but looks upside down to me but some are different.
That is a huge sump!


Thanks.. Yeah, the white one is the upper level alarm, the one that monitors lower level is infra red rather than mechanical


Thx, acquiring some cuc this bank holiday weekend, and ordering some new bulbs for the halide.. Can transfer my coral and fish over then :) then its time to play and test then mb get a monti digita :) they look awesome


Bet you can't wait to get your corals and. Fish in and the monti's are nice I like the cataphyllia's got one a couple of weeks ago it's lovely only thing is tho I think it's stung one of my nem's so it's gone off for a sulk
Put some pic's up when have filled your tank

Lesa xx


Well, skimmer breakage delayed my plans of swapping my clowns over and replacing the clowns with some chromis to go thru qt.. Ended up getting a couple of members of cuc in the form of

1 x true Mexican turbo currently in my fuge/dsb cleaning up the glass

4 x dwarf blue hermits

2 x nasarius snails

Will add more once there's something going on in the tank to feed them

2 electronic ballasts are on order so I'll throw my cheap and nasty get me thru bulbs away and replace them with 20k blv's.. £7 eBay specials are in atm seeing as a bulb blew a couple of weeks ago

Params are ok but doubting my po4.. Will acquire a dd kit soon

Po4 nil
No3 10ppm

Not testing cal & dkh yet but have kits ready


Got my electronic ballasts and set about butchering the old components out... How heavy are the ballasts.. Wow.. Lamp is tonnes lighter now

Old bits out




New ballasts soon to be fitted


All wired up


Clutter free and alot lighter now


Success!!! And a load less electricity burnt