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30L Pico Reef


Hi All,

Starting a tank diary here to follow my 30L pico reef.

My wife and I have just had a baby son so the idea behind this tank is that it will be full of colour and movement for the wee guy to enjoy and see, as well as keeping us happy!

I previously had a 135L setup but decided to downgrade to this little 30L pico to save time on maintenance and costs! This tank was started on 28h October 2016

Here it is as it stands:

The long term plan is to fill out the top deck with SPS, then some more LPS around the middle deck as well as expand the Acan garden at the bottom. Then some more softies randomly dotted around.


Aquael nano reef 30
Kessil A160WE
Kessil Spectral controller
Stock HOB filter
Tunze 6015 powerhead
Fluval heater
Ceramic Rock Structure
Tunze Care Magnet Nano


Seachem Seagel
Seachem Purigen
Seachem Matrix
Evolution Aqua Pure Reef Balance
Filter Floss


5L water change 2x weekly with iQuatics Ocean Pro Coral Salt
LPS fed with vitalis LPS pellets 1 x week
DIY 2 part dosing
DIY coral snow - 0.3ml daily


None at the moment but planning 1 small fish


Acropora sp.
Torch coral
Ricordea Florida
Green Star Polyps
Green Zoas


2 x Black Footed Trochus Snails
Halloween Hermit Crab
Cerith Snail

Thanks for looking!
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