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10k vs 14K Halide Bulbs


Can anyone give me some advice on the different K rating for the halide bulbs.

What are the pros and cons for the 10k and 14k. Im due to change them and not sure what to opt for.



Depends on your taste really....

14k is the most popluar due to the blue end of the spectrum in the lamp, where as the 10k is more yellow.

14k will show off your corals in more colour depth....go for them all day long

ive used a whole range of lamps over the years and to the best of my knowledge the 14k marine lux from marine-lighting.co.uk have been my most fav.

These 14k give off a wicked ice blue look to the tank.

Never liked the 20k and i dont think many people do. for what its worth

hope this helps


I would go for 14k. I have just changed one of my bulbs to a 14k and the others are 10k it looks miles better