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  1. A

    Hang On Skimmer Advice Appreciated On Juwel Rio 180 / Skimz Sh2?

    Hi there thanks for any input. I have a mature reef (fish, invertebrate and soft coral) aquarium running for over 6 years now. It is a Juwel Rio 180l with the Juwel internal filter and Juwel internal marine skimmer. All bought new but the skimmer it seems has had its day. Problem is the...
  2. vwjunkie

    Corals bleaching help?

    Hi folks. I was wondering if anyone can help diagnose my problem. A couple of my corals seem to be bleaching as in the pictures below. I am not sure how to remedy the problem as I can't seem to isolate a cause. I thought they may be getting too much light so I turned my lights down for a few...
  3. C

    Aiptasia x

    There no mention of a skimmer in the instructions....does any body know when using aiptasia x....do I turn off the skimmer?????or crank it up to a wet skim after using????do I stick in carbon afterwards???? It says it's reef safe but posion and dying aiptasia can't be good for the tank????can...
  4. les

    Something you should do with most skimmers.

    I guess you're wondering just what that might be and I would also guess few ever do this, so what is it? Most skimmers are fitted with an air inlet pipe and or silencer and as you will know air is sucked into the skimmer via one or the other. Now along with air, the skimmer will also suck in...