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  1. C

    Chris's 6x2x2

    Hi All Got a new tank in the works and thought I'd best make a start on this, here's some specs and equipment - 6x2x2 & 4ft sump with black gloss stand and pelmet 2x Kessil a360we with Spectral controller 2x 300w heater 2x MP40QD 1x Vectra m1 1x Nyos 160 Unknown quantity of rock but...
  2. signalman

    Making a post in classifieds

    I am trying to make a post in the classified section and It is saying "Form failed to submit. The following error(s) occured: The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 2 characters." I have filled in the template and gave a description of the items...