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  1. D

    Sudden death of Xenia

    I had a healthy Xenia bought a month ago, settled in really well. Some moved off the disc it was attached to onto rockwork and looks well. However, the "stem" that remains has suddenly fell to one side and withered. All other corals are in good health. I'm concerned as I was advised that xenia...
  2. spiritwalker

    Aquaforest kh buffer mixing problems

    Has anybody used aquaforest kh buffer just got some mixed it in RODI (1lt) mixed it really well left it 2 mins when I came back to it the powders settled on bottom . Should I mix it and put it in sump fast as I can feel like it will just settle out in sump . Trying to up my kh from 6.1 to 7...
  3. C

    Chris's 6x2x2

    Hi All Got a new tank in the works and thought I'd best make a start on this, here's some specs and equipment - 6x2x2 & 4ft sump with black gloss stand and pelmet 2x Kessil a360we with Spectral controller 2x 300w heater 2x MP40QD 1x Vectra m1 1x Nyos 160 Unknown quantity of rock but...
  4. slash_halen

    Matt's Skimmerless SPS Reef with Angels and Butterflies

    After a break from the hobby I'm back and ready to get my hands salty again. This is a project I've been planning for a while, it will be a slow burner, however due to other commitments I want to take my time and spread out the potential problems. So the first 18 months I'll be focusing on the...