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  1. les

    Flow, flow and more flow.

    It has often been said flow is one of if not the most important thing we add to our reef aquariums esp SPS dominated. The more corals you have so the flow is diminished and even more so as those SPS grow and fill out all areas of the tank. How much flow should I have and do I have too much flow...
  2. spiritwalker

    Aquaforest kh buffer mixing problems

    Has anybody used aquaforest kh buffer just got some mixed it in RODI (1lt) mixed it really well left it 2 mins when I came back to it the powders settled on bottom . Should I mix it and put it in sump fast as I can feel like it will just settle out in sump . Trying to up my kh from 6.1 to 7...
  3. doug_amanda

    Reef-Roids through a microscope

    just out of curiosity I mixed up a small amount of Reef-Roids with some water and placed a drop on a microscope slide, Not sure what I expected to see, but corals love it. its not easy hovering an iPhone over a microscope lens.