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  1. ladielucie


    Hi, i am starting up a 50 litre shallow tank 45 cms depth and width and 30 cms high. Keeping corals, shrimps etc, and maybe one or two fish. Looking at either an Aquaray Horizon tile or Kessil blue Tuna Led light, has anyone any ideas which would be best for keeping the corals which will include...
  2. doug_amanda


    Did anybody see countryfile on the TVs last night? Two bright young PHD students came up with the idea of building a hydroponics unit with a tank full of fish at one end producing nitrate filled water, that was then pumped into a tank with a load of floating plants and vegetables that fed on...
  3. Goldie

    Your thoughts please? - powerheads

    Hi all - just hoping for your thoughts please on powerheads / water flow. My tank is 6' with quite a lot of live rock, mixed fish and atm just softies I am in the unenviable position of having had my second Vortech MP40 go caput. I initially had 2 - one on each end working together, and...
  4. Tonyb

    New fish

    Hi All, I recently lost my female tomato clown (1 of a Pair, the male still lives) and am looking for ideas on which fish to add to tank. I am led to believe I can't add another pair of clowns as a: the tomato male may attack them and b: I only have a 100ltr tank. I currently have the tomato...