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  1. les

    Cheap and easy DIY foods for marine fish and corals

    Cheap and easy DIY foods for marine fish and corals. Some background first I think is in order. I have been making my own cheap marine fish and coral foods for more years than I care to mention and certainly I was making them back in the 80s. At the time I was warned that I was playing...
  2. steve861uk

    Orange Spot Goby - Stuck in my Weir

    The pita has gone and got himself stuck in my weir :no: Easiest recovery would be for him to swim through the pipe and into my filter sock, but so far not done that :no: Now my tiger pistol shrimp is all alone. He's been there almost a week now and have been feeding the weir as well as the...
  3. les

    Feeding time on my reef.

  4. les

    Regal Angelfish strange but all OK now

    Last week my beautiful Regal angelfish disappeared and could not be found, normally it would be one of the first fish come to greet me at feeding time but nope I could not find it anywhere. However, I did manage to spot it hidden away at the back of the tank behind rocks. For 3 days it hid...