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  1. steve861uk

    Do Hermit Crabs Eat Sps Corals?

    Came down this morning and on looking at the tank saw my large blue hermit crab perched on top of my Montipora Digitata :mad: At 0530 am there were no lights on so hard to tell if he's been damaging the coral, so I hope he was just in the mood for a little climbing :confused: If I get home...
  2. 0

    Female clown fish acting strange

    Hi all , I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the correct place but I'd like some advice on a female clownfish. shes part of a pair Iv had for around 3 months and has been absolutely fine prior to yesterday when I noticed her hanging around under a rock with her mouth opening and closing faster...
  3. G

    Fingers crossed

    Hoping I am not giving the kiss of death by saying this but .... still got the 3 fish and a week has gone by ,do you think I dare start to breathe again . I got my lfs to reduce salinity in salty water when I went in which was the first water change after the medication time so at present tank...