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  1. G

    Decisions Decisions

    Cant decide seeing as we only have the 3 fish ,boxer shrimp, lobster, 3 hermit crabs, left should I keep them in tank they are in or put them back in Biorb , I don't intend to get anymore marine fish . Then my big Orandas could have this tank (marine at present). having a bit of a girly...
  2. J

    Worm problem!

    Hi all have come home from work today and one of my crabs have died this is the 2nd one now, my wife told me a couple days ago that she has seen 2 big worms living in the rocks one clear/white and another clear/red. I suspect it was the red one that Killed it. Any advice what these worms are...
  3. G

    Fingers crossed

    Hoping I am not giving the kiss of death by saying this but .... still got the 3 fish and a week has gone by ,do you think I dare start to breathe again . I got my lfs to reduce salinity in salty water when I went in which was the first water change after the medication time so at present tank...