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  1. J

    Sump Suggestions For Juwel Lido 200 Tank

    Hi, I have been an enthusiast for years now, but fresh water, I have the Juwel Vision 450 tank (fresh water) and wanted a reef tank to match so went for the Juwel Lido 200 so it all matches in my lounge. So in my Lido 200 (had for about 6 months) i have the juwel skimmer, the factory heater and...
  2. D

    Sudden death of Xenia

    I had a healthy Xenia bought a month ago, settled in really well. Some moved off the disc it was attached to onto rockwork and looks well. However, the "stem" that remains has suddenly fell to one side and withered. All other corals are in good health. I'm concerned as I was advised that xenia...
  3. les

    Cheap and easy DIY foods for marine fish and corals

    Cheap and easy DIY foods for marine fish and corals. Some background first I think is in order. I have been making my own cheap marine fish and coral foods for more years than I care to mention and certainly I was making them back in the 80s. At the time I was warned that I was playing...
  4. les

    Flow, flow and more flow.

    It has often been said flow is one of if not the most important thing we add to our reef aquariums esp SPS dominated. The more corals you have so the flow is diminished and even more so as those SPS grow and fill out all areas of the tank. How much flow should I have and do I have too much flow...
  5. M

    sps frags

    sps corals
  6. J

    Cauliflower coral

    hi all just a quick question a bought a 2 corals on Friday 1 of which is the cauliflower coral, and it seems fine I've just noticed that it sometimes closes up and opens normally at night which I thought is fine due to the lights but it's doing it during the day just closing up for a while then...
  7. vwjunkie

    Corals bleaching help?

    Hi folks. I was wondering if anyone can help diagnose my problem. A couple of my corals seem to be bleaching as in the pictures below. I am not sure how to remedy the problem as I can't seem to isolate a cause. I thought they may be getting too much light so I turned my lights down for a few...
  8. ladielucie


    Hi, i am starting up a 50 litre shallow tank 45 cms depth and width and 30 cms high. Keeping corals, shrimps etc, and maybe one or two fish. Looking at either an Aquaray Horizon tile or Kessil blue Tuna Led light, has anyone any ideas which would be best for keeping the corals which will include...
  9. slash_halen

    Matt's Skimmerless SPS Reef with Angels and Butterflies

    After a break from the hobby I'm back and ready to get my hands salty again. This is a project I've been planning for a while, it will be a slow burner, however due to other commitments I want to take my time and spread out the potential problems. So the first 18 months I'll be focusing on the...
  10. signalman

    Gauging interest

    I am thinking of selling my marine setup. It is an RSM 130D . It comes with the following:- Maxpect razor led (great condition). Reefloat atu pro with IR sensor and 10 ltr container. 2 Koralia nano's. 1 Jebao wavemaker. Osmotics RO filter (producing 0 tds and spare cartridges). STC 1000 wired...
  11. doug_amanda

    Reef-Roids through a microscope

    just out of curiosity I mixed up a small amount of Reef-Roids with some water and placed a drop on a microscope slide, Not sure what I expected to see, but corals love it. its not easy hovering an iPhone over a microscope lens.