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    Female clown fish acting strange

    Hi all , I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the correct place but I'd like some advice on a female clownfish. shes part of a pair Iv had for around 3 months and has been absolutely fine prior to yesterday when I noticed her hanging around under a rock with her mouth opening and closing faster...
  3. doug_amanda

    DougandAmandas eareef1500s

    I've been meaning to start a tank thread since the birth of this tank in January, I initially took a trip out to Burscough with the plan of ordering one of the red sea reefer tanks as a replacement for my old and tired 4 foot tank, whilst there I noticed an eareef tank Steve had on display so...
  4. Tonyb

    New fish

    Hi All, I recently lost my female tomato clown (1 of a Pair, the male still lives) and am looking for ideas on which fish to add to tank. I am led to believe I can't add another pair of clowns as a: the tomato male may attack them and b: I only have a 100ltr tank. I currently have the tomato...