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  1. les

    Flow, flow and more flow.

    It has often been said flow is one of if not the most important thing we add to our reef aquariums esp SPS dominated. The more corals you have so the flow is diminished and even more so as those SPS grow and fill out all areas of the tank. How much flow should I have and do I have too much flow...
  2. F

    New Setup with Sump problem

    Hi everyone, I will be starting a new SW tank soon. I've had some good advice about getting running (the tank was used before so I will be giving it a good clean with vinegar and running polyfilter). I have been advised to drill the tank and use a sump (ditch the trickle filter in the...
  3. les

    Money money money

    Anybody else thinks keeping a marine aquarium is like ...........
  4. H

    Freshwater to Marine Aquarium conversion...?

    Hi Guys Im a noob here, but been a fish keeper for over 30 years . Currently been keeping Malawis for the last 5 years and have a salty itch to scratch.... Current set up is 5'6x2'x2' using three external Eheims and cheap Led array. What would I need to convert this into a nice Reef...