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  1. A

    Hang On Skimmer Advice Appreciated On Juwel Rio 180 / Skimz Sh2?

    Hi there thanks for any input. I have a mature reef (fish, invertebrate and soft coral) aquarium running for over 6 years now. It is a Juwel Rio 180l with the Juwel internal filter and Juwel internal marine skimmer. All bought new but the skimmer it seems has had its day. Problem is the...
  2. steve861uk

    Blues On Or Off During The Night???

    My new AI Prime HD has a lunar function that can imitate the phases of the moon to reduce/increase the blue light if left on at night (currently set at 5% it will become 2.5 at half moon and 1.25 at quarter moon, etc..). I ask the question as am not sure if leaving some light on all night is...
  3. F

    New Setup with Sump problem

    Hi everyone, I will be starting a new SW tank soon. I've had some good advice about getting running (the tank was used before so I will be giving it a good clean with vinegar and running polyfilter). I have been advised to drill the tank and use a sump (ditch the trickle filter in the...
  4. 0

    Female clown fish acting strange

    Hi all , I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the correct place but I'd like some advice on a female clownfish. shes part of a pair Iv had for around 3 months and has been absolutely fine prior to yesterday when I noticed her hanging around under a rock with her mouth opening and closing faster...
  5. J

    Worm problem!

    Hi all have come home from work today and one of my crabs have died this is the 2nd one now, my wife told me a couple days ago that she has seen 2 big worms living in the rocks one clear/white and another clear/red. I suspect it was the red one that Killed it. Any advice what these worms are...
  6. H

    Freshwater to Marine Aquarium conversion...?

    Hi Guys Im a noob here, but been a fish keeper for over 30 years . Currently been keeping Malawis for the last 5 years and have a salty itch to scratch.... Current set up is 5'6x2'x2' using three external Eheims and cheap Led array. What would I need to convert this into a nice Reef...
  7. B

    Advice on mushrooms

    2 tanks been going 7 years . Nothing much changes Nitrates around 20 in one and near 0 in the other . Phosphates low in both . Mushrooms have multiplied lots at times and other times shrunk extremely small and then disappeared. Read different things. In tank now some doing a lot better...