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  1. jim_fitz

    Icp Water Test Recommendations/help

    lfs sells kit and you put it in the post
  2. jim_fitz

    Icp Water Test Recommendations/help

    some LFS sell them depends on what you are keeping i would suggest every few months to verify test kits
  3. jim_fitz

    The Salty Box Forums Has New Owners

  4. jim_fitz

    I Got Diatoms! My System Is 8 Months Old?

    is there any printing on the outside of the tub ?
  5. jim_fitz

    Full Tank Shot

    when you wish it wasnt a full tank shot hehe
  6. jim_fitz

    Emma's new lps/sps tank

    good to see you back
  7. jim_fitz

    The Salty Box Forums Has New Owners

    Enjoy our great hobby
  8. jim_fitz

    The Salty Box Forums Has New Owners

    Thanks Brian
  9. jim_fitz

    New algae scrubber tank

    Can you put up a link please ??? Looking great Les. I think the lights look great
  10. jim_fitz

    Ro unit reading high tds

    try testing your tds meter against your lfs' might need calibrating
  11. jim_fitz

    Water Tests

    i knew something wasnt quite right with my tank but normal tests seemed ok so i went for an ICP test and did my RO at the same time so glad i did my tds was 0 came back i had elevated copper in my RO tub of Cuprisorb later corals are starting to grow
  12. jim_fitz

    Best Magnet Cleaner

    tunze strong expensive but worth it as it wont scratch your glass
  13. jim_fitz

    Gfo Reactor Recommendations

    i use a gyractor reason i like it is that the gfo stays lower down in the tube and doesnt end up in the tank
  14. jim_fitz

    Aptasia? Ffs

    try peppermint shrimp always worked for me
  15. jim_fitz

    Aqua One 300 Noisy

    tried turning the flow rate down ?
  16. jim_fitz

    Brown Algea.

    re zero nitrates and phosphates the algae will be consuming them so not always a bad thing have you tried cutting down on how much you feed a little ?
  17. jim_fitz

    Realist's (What Have I Done) 6ft'er

    is that a blue spot unicorn ??? lovely fish
  18. jim_fitz

    New Tank Changeover

    hope this went well for you
  19. jim_fitz

    Quiet Protein Skimmer

    i have 2 nyos 160s one is silent one is noisy as hell previously though had a bubble magus and that was very quiet