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  1. ccuk

    What lighting to get?

  2. ccuk

    My DIY Algae Scrubber...

    hi neild get the scrubber running right it will do a amazing job ... mine on DT 26.09.2013 013 by coralcraftuk, on Flickr ALGAE GROWTH 12.10.2013 101 by coralcraftuk, on Flickr STEW
  3. ccuk

    Best place to buy a puppy

    hi dave get a dog crate .. best thing just drop a sheet over it at night no parcels or damp patches in the morning ... can you use part of the kc name has is name .. stw
  4. ccuk

    Best place to buy a puppy

    hi cw do you train and have working labs ? stew
  5. ccuk

    Best place to buy a puppy

    hi dave Working Gundogs at Nether Heyford Labrador Retriever Puppies (6 bitches & 3 Dogs all Black Born 261113) Dam Priesthill Izzy Top x Sire Yuletide Mistletoe both with current BVA Eye certificates not yet registered on the Kennel Club health checker but can been seen online via the links...
  6. ccuk

    Best place to buy a puppy

    hi hazey have a look her Gundog Training Forum • View forum - Dogs for sale/wanted also sure stuart said he had some pups coming up https://www.facebook.com/workinggundogs stew
  7. ccuk

    Best place to buy a puppy

    got a lab pup at 14weeks woodhouse / angel ...harper 23 aug 0013 499 by coralcraftuk, on Flickr iam training her for the gun and picking up .. pit try my and in a few trailing comp harper sat steady by coralcraftuk, on Flickr comes from working stock 600.00 smackers stew
  8. ccuk

    what to buy her in doors for crimbo ...

    ??????????????? stew
  9. ccuk

    Movember - whos taking part?

    i raised about 50 notes last year the bro sponsored me 20 because he dared me to dye it candy pink .. Manic Panic Hair Dye Pink Blue Green Purple Orange Red forth one down... be under no illusion you will look a right twonk ... stew
  10. ccuk

    timber built fish house

    if its insulated right as i or baz have said if you are using t5s or m/h you will need no secondary heating .. the light will warm the room and keep it around 18degrees .. even in the depth of winter .... dont forget the floor needs insulating . stew
  11. ccuk

    timber built fish house

    hi bizbaz i was just thinking of cost .. the last time i bought iso number 9 it was 120 quid for a 1mx10m roll i also purchased some factor second 4 in kingspan and that was £30 a sheet hes going to need at least 40 sheets approx stew
  12. ccuk

    The Epo Putty Tank 8000 litres

    i just read matts tank thread now for the banter ..lol. for got he built a tank out of timber then fiber glassed it . tilled out the sump room added loads of expensive equipment took years to plan and execute.. added some great aquascaping and quailty sps and fish ... yep just read it for the...
  13. ccuk

    timber built fish house

    yes iso super 9 is good but i think you get better thermal protection with 4in kingspan if you search the web you can get factory seconds , i think you will struggle to get all reclaimed timber. stew
  14. ccuk

    timber built fish house

    just use a vapour barrier between stud ..
  15. ccuk

    timber built fish house

    hi tom i would use 4x2 rough saw , 4in kingspan if you use cls the timber is finished at 96mmx38 and the kingspan wont go in . [email protected] tanalized or feather edged boards , for external walls i wouldn't bother with marine ply for internal walls be to expensive just use a 18mm sterling board dont use...
  16. ccuk

    Recent movies you have seen & recommend

    series hannibal / banshee / justified / walking dead and arrow films darkskies / the worlds end / heat and monsters university . stew
  17. ccuk

    Broken ceramic rock

    shame it ended up like that have you contacted the seller ? koallewelts ceramic rock is one of the best out there stew
  18. ccuk

    2ft cube using Algae Scrubber as only filtration

    fed sps food three times a week flake three times a day .. no frozen at present . but i do put a new era grazer on every other day we build these for resale in the uk 26.09.2013 016 by coralcraftuk, on Flickr 26.09.2013 013 by coralcraftuk, on Flickr pictures 3.07.12 134 by coralcraftuk, on...
  19. ccuk

    2ft cube using Algae Scrubber as only filtration

    nice tank mate i run all my systems on a ats .. think they do a very good job i have a 180g dt tank and run a 2ftx8in 2x96w t5 light unit on both side .. were just looking at led replacements for the t5 . 12.10.2013 101 by coralcraftuk, on Flickr stew
  20. ccuk

    Recommend me a skimmer

    we will do you a good price on a atb / ati or AFM Marine PSK or bubble king . all very very good performing skimmers . sorry but it does come down to budget . what size tank are you upgrading to stew