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  1. bujibanton

    Friend or foe

    Could be a gorilla crab.... [emoji51]
  2. bujibanton

    Unknown pest?

    Thanks Phil. Don’t think its a Nudi although it does look like it from the picture. I’m thinking it is an Urchin. [emoji51]
  3. bujibanton

    Unknown pest?

    Sorry for the poor picture. Does anyone know what this is? It’s appeared today not seen it before. Looks like half a sea urchin but isn’t. Haven’t added anything to the tank for months so no new chances of introducing anything. It’s black bodied with black/pink spines. Doesn’t move. Any...
  4. bujibanton

    Word Association Just for fun

  5. bujibanton

    Desmond's 275 cube Zoa/Lps

    Hope so!
  6. bujibanton

    reefers meet @ burscough aquatics saturday 3rd june

    Meaning. I wish I was coming!
  7. bujibanton

    Desmond's 275 cube Zoa/Lps

    Not a bad trade!
  8. bujibanton

    The temp is going to get higher and higher.

    Temp running to hot? If fans aren't cutting it a chiller would work. Expensive though for the two days of the year we need it here
  9. bujibanton

    The temp is going to get higher and higher.

    I have not found a better way than a temp controller. Heater plugged in coupled with a fan/chiller to cool.
  10. bujibanton

    Desmond's 275 cube Zoa/Lps

    Doser is my next purchase. Easy to figure out?
  11. bujibanton

    Eavals upgrade, godiva 60x27x27

    That sucks about the yellow. Hopefully it'll be ok.
  12. bujibanton

    Tank cycle advice

    Loving the tank. Looks great!
  13. bujibanton

    new guy

    Welcome! Link below CEECH https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=zxhmMQStL9lc.k58K3HDcSOWc&ie=UTF8&oe=UTF8&msa=0
  14. bujibanton

    SB on the slide?

    I would be happy to take on a topic for the forum as Bluez_01 suggested.
  15. bujibanton

    SB on the slide?

    I'd like to see a regional LFS on here. It would be nice to have a community in the south that could meet up and sell/trade like most of you boys/girls do in the north. Then have a annual meet for the forum to get together (bit of a ride for you CEECH) That many reef tank nuts in the same area...
  16. bujibanton


    Hi Neil!
  17. bujibanton

    Help tank is a mess

    Ah ok. In which case there is no drama. I read that as there was a positive ammonia reading. Apologies.
  18. bujibanton

    Help tank is a mess

    Maybe get another ammonia test kit or get your LFS to confirm your readings.
  19. bujibanton

    Help tank is a mess

    Don't you think water changes are a required measure to tackle the ammonia reading though?