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    which background paint??

    We have plastic backing at the moment, we have tried keeping it in place both dry and wetting it with oil...but wither way it either dries out of gets water on it making noticable marks! it is very difficult correcting it due to size of tank!! i would much rather have the outside painted as we...
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    Pet Dog

    had to add my bit in here as im a huge dog lover!! beaware..terriers need so much exercise so be ready for atleast once a day walk :-- i have 2 westies, they need so much exercise and attention but are more than worth it! sounds like a border is a great choice for your family :-D
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    which background paint??

    hi everyone... im pestering again! :lol: when we set out tank up over a yr ago we just used a light sea blue plastic backing....we have since grown wiser and noticed that the blue paint looks great and a little more tidy!! ....but where do you get the paint from? we heard that the salt can...
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    White worms in sand bed??

    oh brilliant!! as long as they contribute to the tank! :-D Thankyou
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    White worms in sand bed??

    they tend to just poke out of the sand bed and wave in the current! i havent seen them crawl but they are really fine
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    White worms in sand bed??

    just been researching them on internet. they look like spaghetti worms!...aparently harmless?? but they keep making standup tunnels in the sand bed which look awful!
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    White worms in sand bed??

    hi, i have noticed these little stringly white worms in the sand bed for a week or so now. They look like pieces of thread. Does anyone else have them, if so are they harmful and what will eat them?! they seem to be breeding! :shock: Thanks
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    when 1 or 2 of my fish got white spot my LFS advised i feel them brimeshrimp in garlic as well as the medication...it worked wonders ...lukily they all survived! its meant to boost their immune system...just a thought! :-D
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    Tips on moving house...and tank!

    Thankyou all for your advice! yeh we plan to buy lots of buckets for the water it is quite a tall tank so it wouldnt matter too much if we lost water as the fish will still have plenty of depth, but we will be sure to make sure we have lots of supplies. we did contemplate buying a holding tank...
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    Tips on moving house...and tank!

    hi, wondered if anyone might be able to offer any advice or tips. We are due to move house in 4-6 weeks time. of course we are taking our tank with us. we have a 260litre tank with lots of live rock, corals and of course fish!! :roll: the thought of safely emptying the tank and then setting it...
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    What are they!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sound like brissle or fire worms! a 6 line wrasse are the main fish you could buy to get rid of them. they are almost impossible to get rid of by hand, apparently they are hitch hikers in live rock. i have a few but they dont seem to cause any problems but they do breed ALOT!
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    WE'RE NEW!

    hi there! just a quickie hi to everyone! we have a 260litre marine tank, we're still quite new as we started only 1 year ago. hopefully we can pick up some new tips and pass them on to others. x x