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    What do you think of the use of ozone in a marine aquarium?

    That was a very interesting reply, cdurkin100, yes i use ozone to both polish the water in which i use the dosage of 10mg/100 liters so i'm currently running 50mg/hr in my 550 liter fish only system, (well invert, as it has a lot of live rock), and without a redox controller i would say its at...
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    Hello, i have currently got 2 ozone electrodes going spare from the Hailea's model HLO-800 50-100mg/hr ozonizers, as you know in shops new units are around 99.00 quid for a new unit. These units are 'non servicable' meaning when the electrodes choke up with dirt and dust and stop producing...
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    What do you think of the use of ozone in a marine aquarium?

    I hear lots of different views and advice on debating whether or not to use ozone in a marine aquarium with and without a protein skimmer, i personally use it in my marine tank for the visual sharpness of the water it achieves, and secondly because i love the smelling it! (okay, the second one...
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    Fish ID please

    How much for Ariel? Not seen one of them since i were a kid.... i feel sorry for all the fish shop owners/staff when they get a bus load of kids coming in screaming 'NNEEEMMMOOOOOO!!!!!!!', and DOOOOOORRRREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! hehe! :lol:
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    Range rover LPG advice

    Get something smaller, and diesel powered, lpg wont get you as good as results in consumption figures as you may think... big engine, big vehicle = more weight more fuel used. Depends on what you want, personally i wont drive anything other than a diesel, my 1.7 gets 70 odd to the gallon! :D