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    *waves* Hi

    Hi and :-o Tom
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    hi new and needing help already!

    Hi and welcome [001_smile.gif]
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    a new home

    Hi and welcome to the friendly place! Nice algae Tina :-:o
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    New on here, hi!

    Hi and :-o to the forum!
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    Hi total newbie here

    Hi and welcome [001_smile.gif]
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    Hello everyone!

    Hi and welcome to the forum Joe [thumbup.gif]
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    Marine set up advice

    Hi and welcome :-D
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    Hello to all of you fellow Marine keepers :)

    Hi and welcome :--
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    hi everyone im swin

    Hi and welcome ;)
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    FK - System in the making

    Ooh,I like! Very sleek,was it hard to aquascape etc to get it looking great on both sides?
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    I am new here!

    Hi and welcome :-D
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    new member

    Great,bet you're getting excited! I just need two bits before I get wet and salty and my patience is running out as I got the tank about 7wks ago!
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    Just Joined

    Hi and welcome,look forward to pics :-D
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    I'm new too

    Hi and :-o Nice tank :--
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    hellooooo from Mrs-baggins

    Hiya and welcome :-D
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    new member

    Hi and :-o Pics would be good :-D
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    new member

    Hi and welcome Kev. Your old tank is nice :-- bet the new one will be too,especially with cracking fish like that :-D
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    hello from monmouth

    Hi and welcome :--
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    brand new newbie in chorley

    Hi and welcome to the salty box :--
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    New Member

    Hi and welcome :-D