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    could someone help with my blood shrimp

    Hey Guys and gals I bought a blood shrimp for my biorb 30L. I have 1.5Kgs of live rock and 2 x red legged hermit crabs. i bought the shrimp but since i got him home a week ago he just hides under the live rock until he is fed. he never comes out on his own accord. when i see them in the...
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    Need help with hermit crabs

    Hi, thanks to every one for their replies it really helped as they have done exactley what you said! We also went and got some spare shells today, Thanks again for all you advice cheers
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    Need help with hermit crabs

    UPDATE ok last night i moved the one that wasnt moving!!! the other one looked like it was attacking it and the one that wasnt moving came into life.] This morning the one that was fine before had moved to the other side of the tank. on closer inspection it had come out of it's shell and...
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    Need help with hermit crabs

    Hi, we have 1kg of live rock in the tank, as im typing the crab moved onto the rock and the other one started to attack and they seem to be fighting, is this normal?
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    Need help with hermit crabs

    Hi, have been taking our water samples to our local fish shop and all been ok, apart from the Ph level which is now fine... How long do we leave food in before removing? Thanks to all replies p.s we have read about bioorbs not being suitable for fish just clean up crew has anyone got any...
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    Need help with hermit crabs

    HI Thanks for your reply We bought biorb 30L and converted it. we waited 1 week and got some live rock (which is doing fine with loads of little things about on it) then we waited for another week and got 2 x red legged hermit crabs. this is all we have i regulary check the salt and the Ph...
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    Hi, us too :)
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    Need help with hermit crabs

    HI, have bought a couple of hermit crabs a couple of weeks ago to put in our mirine tank, we were told they wouold be suitable. They were really active the first couple of weeks but now over the last couple of days they don't move around at all, staying in their shells but hide everytime...
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    HI we have just got our first tank and thought it might help chatting with others to find out info :D