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  1. PaulW

    My reefloat AWC 57 for the smaller 30l one

    I have the 57 and it's too big for the RSM250, looking to swap it for the smaller version if someone needs an upgrade. Collection only or meet somewhere local
  2. PaulW

    AFL 5 foot dream tank

    Not much to update on really. Recently lost the mimic tang which was extremely frustrating. It's the first fish I've ever lost due to hunger strike. Baffles me how a creature can ignore a baser instinct like hunger. Was sad to see it getting thinner day by day and not be able to help it :-( I...
  3. PaulW

    fish list ,,,,, I know but it had to be done

    It's a long way for me :-( wish they were closer
  4. PaulW

    fish list ,,,,, I know but it had to be done

    you have a potters angel buddy? I'm on the look out for 1 myself but they don't appear to often.
  5. PaulW

    fish list ,,,,, I know but it had to be done

    Leopard wrasse Peacock wrasse Tamerin wrasse Potters angel Marine beta Tank size depending obviously
  6. PaulW

    Well that didn't last long

    Damsels are the devil. I had a Fiji blue once that was cool with other fish but 99.8% of them are horrid
  7. PaulW

    AFL 5 foot dream tank

    Payed a visit to kraken corals today and popped in to bit I blue on the way back.. liked both shops. Never been in either. Kraken was deffo a more friendly set up with coffe etc. Bit o.blue had some fat large fish but also had some fish in tiny critter tanks that I wasn't keen on. Anyway I...
  8. PaulW

    My new 500 litre tank

    Nice looking scape buddy :thumbup1:
  9. PaulW

    Happy Birthday

    .... On a plus note look how much money you've saved in 5 years
  10. PaulW

    5000 litre shark tank

    :w00t: that's a tank-!! Love the rock work too
  11. PaulW

    Is this diatoms or cyno

    I'd say diatoms. Will burn out in time
  12. PaulW

    Hello from Orc

    Nice one Dave. I'll keep an eye out for your tank diary Big Thumbs Up
  13. PaulW

    Penzo,s 5x30x24 upgrade.

    Lucky escape there :w00t:
  14. PaulW

    new sand or sand from existing tank for larger set up

    You can use the old sand no problems but you will need to wash it thoroughly till it's good as new then rinse it in ro water before use Big Thumbs Up
  15. PaulW

    AFL 5 foot dream tank

    Thanks. It's by far the best quality tank I've ever owned. A credit to his work. I'd say they are on a par if not better than the Redsea tanks.
  16. PaulW

    AFL 5 foot dream tank

    It's getting there slowly. Big Thumbs Up have to admit the mimic is my favourite. I am struggling to get it eating properly at the moment. It won't touch flake and just pecks at frozen. It's always grazing but it's deffo looking a bit thin at the moment.
  17. PaulW

    AFL 5 foot dream tank

  18. PaulW

    AFL 5 foot dream tank

    a few updated pics under daylight. you can see the algae that covered the rockwork starting to break down in a few of these shots. the tanks maturing nicely .
  19. PaulW

    AFL 5 foot dream tank

    bit of a photo update :-)
  20. PaulW

    AFL 5 foot dream tank

    Steady away with it. Will take an age to fill but in for the long hall with this one