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    what does everyone feed their clown fish?

    While they may enjoy brine shrimp the nutritional value to the fish is not that great. If I feed brine shrimp a always spray with new era sprays to help increase the nutrition value.
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    Glass?? Where do i get it??

    http://www.rsg-glass.co.uk/products.htm Based in Bolton.
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    Test Kit

    In the very early days yes. They are not as reliable as the ones mentioned above.
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    Live rock help.

    Ok. Cool. So why not just read from above?
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    Test Kit

    Salifert for every test apart from phosphate then its d&d merc kit.
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    Live rock help.

    Your correct in the above ammonia - - nitrite - - nitrate. You may well have no ammonia and nitrite present, however I would take your time and test over 7 days just to be sure. Everything takes time in this game and mistakes normally cost allot. Let us know how you get on.
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    Live rock help.

    Where does it state this??
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    ca reactor

    Depends on what coral you are keeping and if the calcium levels drop rapidly or over a short period as they are used by coral growth.
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    Live rock help.

    That reading is 25ppm not 5ppm and the test is nitrate NO3 as the test card shows. My advice would be to keep testing for 7 days on ammonia and nitrite then you should be good to go.
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    Live rock help.

    Nitrate itself is not harmful to your systems livestock. However nitrite and ammonia are. You need to be 100% sure your readings for both these are zero beofre adding anything. I would also be testing both for at least a week to ensure no spike and that your system is settled. Also regards the...
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    Sand or gravel

    I use TMC sand here http://www.tmc-ltd.co.uk/aquarium/sand-gravel.asp
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    3 Things im not sure about

    1. Snail, but hard to say which without a closer shot 2. Definate sponge 3. Pulsing xenia
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    algae available[ all taken for now post again soon ]

    Re: algae available As Pete has said above PM him if you need any or he may miss the thread posts.
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    Tropic Marin Triple Buffer

    It does not buffer to any set level same as the pH. You need to add the buffer and test to acheive the required level.
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    Fauna Marin LPS Grow and Colour

    Around the 35 pound mark for 250ml I think
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    Winter Wonderland

    Looking cold! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New Forum Format

    Looking great [011.gif]
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    Chaeto got brown on it already??

    There are small bits of sponge and other micro algae normally found in cheato, I would not worry tbh.
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    Chaeto got brown on it already??

    It must have light getting to it Larry. If its under a rock and some area does not get the light, it will die off.
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    Sander c100 or 50

    Im happy to buy the C25 if thats ok.