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  1. Orc

    External - tank - North West - Lancashire - Collection Only

    Internal/External Item External Description tank Age and condition: 10month old condition good Quantity for sale: 1 Delivery or Collection: Collection Only Item Location: North West Reason for sale: packing it in Sales price: 200 Postage & Packing: none County: Lancashire Location...
  2. Orc

    why cant i post this in for sale section

    For sale one aquaiums for life tank and stand in gloss white with blue background complete with 4section sump 10months old Total volume off tank and sump 500 liters Size off tank 36"x24"x30" high With stand its 6foot tall Complete with plumbing and jebo 4000 dc pump and controller Slight...
  3. Orc

    Tank after white spot

    Thanks for all the replies so far guys it's good to know your there to help
  4. Orc

    Tank after white spot

    Yep that's about it and what i was thinking off to be honest
  5. Orc

    The passing of Albert Thiel RIP

    So very sad ,thoughts to family and friends i remember reading one off his books many years ago
  6. Orc

    Tank after white spot

    Ok so i seam to have won the battle for now on white spot ,,I've got the angle fox face and two blue damsels left Lost my puffer,maroon clown ,alge blenny,scooter blenny and goby and khole tang Now i know its still in the tank white spot even though fish have no signs of it now ,, so what is...
  7. Orc

    GlennF's DSR tank.

    Absolutely amazing words fail me it's so stunning
  8. Orc

    Is my Blasto spawning?

    So do corals do poos then ,???? I thought they just secreate the waist out in a liquid form not solid or is it a case off each coral is different Tell ya live and learn isn't life brill
  9. Orc

    Is my Blasto spawning?

    Haven't a clue what's going off sorry,, but it's certainly interesting so can't wait to find out
  10. Orc

    Show me your tanks :-)

    Cracking tank that is
  11. Orc

    my zoa collection

    Very nice zoa's there warby very nice
  12. Orc

    Zetlight ufo

    Thanks for that your about the 10 person I've seen having problems with the noise,,I've decided to go down the t5 road much quieter in operation
  13. Orc

    T5 unit choice

    Your not hijacking at all ,,it's the next question i was going to ask
  14. Orc

    T5 unit choice

    Thank you for that blues 01 just wat i needed to know I'm not really sold on led i must say is in can they be replaced individually​ when they blow just my thoughts
  15. Orc

    T5 unit choice

    I'm thinking off a t5 unit ,,my tank is 30'' deep so would t5 be ok Also there are 4\6\8 tube versions I'm going for the 24watt version ie 24'' as it will fit in better my tank is 36'' long keeping the misses happy I mainly have soft corals but would like some lps later in the tanks life so...
  16. Orc

    Show me your tanks :-)

    Yep i no about the puffer and dwaf angle but so far touch wood no problems with nipping
  17. Orc

    Show me your tanks :-)

    Sorry for the bad pics they were done on the pad,, I'll have to get my canon out with the 180 macro on its a time thing sorry