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  1. dj23bol

    Djs Mrs Kitchen Reef

    So I thought I'd create a thread for what was going to be my holding tank but no has been stolen by my other half as her marine tank lol (good excuse to go coral shopping haha). So the tank is a Kent marine bio thingy ma bob I got it out of my friends dad's garden, it's running a tmc iluminair...
  2. dj23bol

    WANTED Return Pump

    Hey everyone I'm currently looking for a return pump for my red sea reefer between 3000lph and 5000lph I think. Just putting a shout out on here before I go looking on eBay. Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  3. dj23bol

    Djs Reefer 250

    Hey Everyone Me again, with another new tank lol so sold up last week and instantly regretted it! Mrs said get a nano to keep me going so I agreed but then got offered a Reefer 250 for £110 so I couldn't refuse that! So she's been picked up and needs a little clean and then levelling and then...
  4. dj23bol

    Lps feeding

    Hey guys and gals so I've got a few lps corals now and well I've never directly fed any of then but they seem so be doing well, but I've recently picked up an acan And I'm wondering if I should start feeding a coral food? I do plan on getting some more acans and other lps (caught the bug bad)...
  5. dj23bol

    Bubble tip anemone

    Livestock For Sale Common name:flame bubble tip Quantity for sale: 1 Estimate size: 2-3 inch How long have you had the item: 12m plus this is a split from my main colony Where was the item originally purchased: fellow reefer Reason for sale:got a few Sales price: 20 Delivery or Collection...
  6. dj23bol

    Aquaone g220 skimmer

    Description of item- aquaone g220 does upto 800 litresAge-12monthreason for sale upgrading Quantity 1Sale Price £30 or swap Location bl49rj Delivery or Collection-collection Open to offers or swaps for something salty related
  7. dj23bol

    DJs return to reefing

    Hey guys so I gave up the hobby last year but it didn't last long at all only a few month and I got the bug again and a friend offered me his 4ft for a really good price and here's the pics so far I've started to clean it up And the sump I've rinsed out I'm not going to be filling the tank...
  8. dj23bol

    Tank for sale 5x3x1

    Equipment make/model/size:5x3x1 tank stand sump plumbing and return pump Age:3month Condition:vgc How long have you had the item:3 Quantity for sale:1 Reason for sale:downgrading Sales price:300 Delivery or Collection:collection Region:northwest Location (Town):bolton bl4 Advertised...
  9. dj23bol

    Fiji blue aquarays

    Anybody got any of these for sale?
  10. dj23bol

    Tank and overflow box

    Description (common name):tank and overflowbox Approximate size:4ft x 1ft x 15inch Date purchased:about 4 month ago Reason for Sale: upgraded Quantity: Sale Price:in description Location: bolton bl4 Delivery or Collection: in description Advertised Elsewhere? Yes 4ft x 1ft x 15inch tank...
  11. dj23bol


    Any cheato going in the bolton manchester area? Or that can post
  12. dj23bol

    Reef bones

    Hi guys anyone got any reef bones lying about in the bolton/manchester area
  13. dj23bol

    Tmc aquaray tile 500

    Anyone selling one of these with bracket or without or a tile for a aquanano 40
  14. dj23bol

    Odd clicking coming from nano

    So my nano has been setup about a week if that theres loads of life on the rocks from baby snails to tiny cucumbers and worms and amhipods copepods little ant like creatures, even got 2xhermits and a emerald hitching any how now im getting a loud clicking every now n then coming from the tank...
  15. dj23bol

    Live rock rubble-bolton area

    Hi anyone got any rubble I can buy for my sump only need approx 2kg as its my nano sump Thanks in advance dave
  16. dj23bol

    Cheato in nano

    Hey guys so just ordered some cheato for my aquanano 55l and some copepods and phyto ive already noticed some amhipods on my liverock and about 7 tiny snails that look like narsusis snails but have stripes on the shells but they are so small like the size of a copepod, my question is with the...
  17. dj23bol

    my 55l nano

    Hey guy so after a change of plan ive sold of my rio 180 and setup a nano heres some pics All ready now all theres to do is sit back relax and let it do its buisness, ive already discovered 3 hitchikers 2 hermits and a emerald crab also the rock is full of amipods ive seen loads so far.
  18. dj23bol

    mating clowns

    Hey guys I think my clowns are pairing or mating its beautiful to watch with the playfull nippin and twitching just thought id share if I can get a vid I will post it up my tank has been set up since dec 31st so not long really cant wait to see what its like in a year or 10 haha im hooked
  19. dj23bol

    tiger cowrie snail

    Anyone ever had one picked on up the other day from my lfs and seems ok so far eating some of my alge lol time will tell if hes a keeper lol :thumbup1:
  20. dj23bol

    Decorator crab- bolton-bl49rj-collection only

    Livestock For Sale Common name: decorator crab Quantity for sale: 1 Estimate size: 2inch How long have you had the item: approx 3 weeks Where was the item originally purchased: lfs Reason for sale: freaks the misses out haha Sales price :16 Delivery or Collection: Collection Only Region...