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    How to ease the burden of water parameters?

    Doser is the way to go easy to set up just test parameter you want to dose then test again a few days later then dose accordingly for example if you test kh on day one and its 10 then on day 3 it's 7 it's dropping by 1 every day so you just dose enough to bring kh up by one a day simples
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    Mushrooms never spread

    Are they getting to much light try putting them in a shaded area mine are out all the time reaching for the light and growing well also I do not run carbon and po4 is 0.003 nitrate 1
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    Reef-Fest 2014 Raffle Tickets sale

    Random 20 for me please one winning ticket would be nice
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    Signature 600 sump

    Try bringing the outlet pipe in the cabinet and form a u bend with it just before the outlet that's all mine does and when the pump stops it you can hear the outlet sucking air in hope that helps
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    Signature 600 sump

    Have you got the pump higher than the end of the outlet pipe
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    Signature 600 sump

    I have a 10lt container at the side of cabinet and the float switch in return chamber
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    anyone been to the algarve?

    Have a look at albufeira marina little cove beach throughout boat yard nice restraunts on marina and ten min walk to centre
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    scolymia coral

    Bought a grade b scolly on Friday from cockfields put mine on sand bed and it's opening up nice going to feed it fauna marin ultra lps pellets have read they love them
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    Clash of clans

    Any tips would be great the top man in our clan likes to spend money on it I'm to tight tho spend on corals instead will check your clan out in morning what's your name in clan
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    Clash of clans

    Cerlsclan think we are probably in bottom two hundred
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    Clash of clans

    Currently rank 60 :.(ste).: what about you
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    New workers (not really pets)

    Been out today with dogs and seen a ferret being walked around park on a lead lol
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    My gang

    Molli the jack Russell and the boss Minx the Bengal all excited by my new tmc signature tank Billy the Boston terrier Maddi the very naughty Burmese
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    Cars, cars, cars!!!

    My favourite car I ever owned was a wide bodied Toyota celica supra 2.8 and my xr3i now I drive a 1600 focus
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    1st marine fish £

    Humbug damsel
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    Snake skin clams - Didsbury - M20 2zn - Collection Only

    Sorry scuba upon further reading a clam would be an expensive treat for my Toby puffer really nice clams tho and price good luck with sale
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    Snake skin clams - Didsbury - M20 2zn - Collection Only

    Hi I am interested in one of clams but never kept them before my light is an Ai vega whites on 60% blues on 80 have two spot one about 15" from light and one about 24" all params are spot on what they should be would any of these spots be ok or would I be best asking this in help section thanks