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  1. Bob1888

    Steve's 250 Litre Cube Upgrade

    Looking great :thumbup:
  2. Bob1888

    Coral Box Moon Led

    Looking on fish streets page they have a post about it apparently it uses 5w Crees although it doesn't give details of colours so considering most LEDs use 3w should have quite a good output I've googled it and there's quite a bit about it with videos
  3. Bob1888

    Coral Box Moon Led

    I would of thought the nano one will I had the larger 3 pad 420r for about 2 years great lights and grew sps great at all levels only got rid cause I upgraded
  4. Bob1888

    Coral Box Moon Led

    Not had one but a quick search and the the consensus seems pretty good they're wi fi controllable most have said great for lps and some have had success with sps although it would be a risk with the more trickier sps
  5. Bob1888

    Peppermint Shrimp Missing - Could Bta Have Eaten Him?

    Can happen but are you sure he ain't just shed and hiding till his new skin hardens
  6. Bob1888

    The Salty Box Forums Has New Owners

    Nice to see that Brian actually agrees with my concerns that the forum will change to an advert driven vehicle even though after my post he sent me a PM accusing me of negativity and nothing was going to change
  7. Bob1888

    The Salty Box Forums Has New Owners

    There seems to be a lot of comments about the attitude of people that had been on the forum for years maybe you should be asking why this attitude has happened since Brian took over because it was never like this. People criticising that joined around the time that Brian took the site on most...
  8. Bob1888

    Poorly Shrimp?

    Could be that with a larger water change could be a boost to iodine trigerring the shed as iodine levels helps with shedding the exoskeleton
  9. Bob1888

    Poorly Shrimp?

    Try googling isopod on cleaner shrimp think it looks like that's what it is you may find a way of removing it
  10. Bob1888

    Need Some Advice

    When you say you left it a few weeks how long as the consensus is a tank needs to be empty of fish for at least 12 weeks to allow the ich to go through its cycles without any hosts
  11. Bob1888

    Calcium, Magnesium And Kh Dropping

    Don't forget the natural processes in a tank will deplete alkalinity detritus build up etc that's where the theory behind old tank syndrome comes from that after a period of years it becomes difficult to maintain levels because of the build up things like detritus the loss of buffering...
  12. Bob1888

    The Salty Box Forums Has New Owners

    Yep I removed my comments after more thought it was just in Bret's introduction all the talk of pop up ads all be it not applying to current members worried me about the future direction of what has been said a friendly forum by hobbyists for hobbyists but clean slate and all that prepared to...
  13. Bob1888

    Help Please

    Don't worry it's a big learning curve but you'll get there
  14. Bob1888

    Help Please

    Could be diatoms all part of the cycling of the tank should burn off after 2 to 3 weeks
  15. Bob1888


    I just don't see how it helps because the non existent people aren't going to post and if it's to attract new people that's all very well but if they come on and ask a question thinking there's loads of people on line to answer it and don't get an answer they're just gonna clear off again
  16. Bob1888


    Mmm right just never come across this on any other forum
  17. Bob1888


    Just looking at the people on line list is this an actual live list because I'm seeing names of people who long sold up and left the site years ago and that they're all just looking at the forum list. I would of thought with so many people on line I would expect the forum to be a bit more active...
  18. Bob1888

    Flow, flow and more flow.

    Nice post Les and it just reminded me to clean my heads which is a good tip especially with the likes of gyres it's amazing the drop off in flow if you don't keep a regular cleaning regime
  19. Bob1888

    sps frags

    Lol my son's into photography with DSLR and when he's telling me about his settings it's like a different language :lol:
  20. Bob1888

    Aquaforest kh buffer mixing problems

    Yea warm the RO for about 30 seconds in the microwave add the powder I shake it for about a minute to disperse the powder then leave to settle for about 20 minutes