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  1. Symbiosis2

    R&R what would you put in the back compartments

    1)Heater 2)Purigen, Chemipure elite, coarse sponge 3) v2 nano skimmer (rubbish imo) 4) 2xmaxi jet 1000
  2. Symbiosis2

    My sumped nano build

    Looks great Mick, they seem to be loving the KR 92's.
  3. Symbiosis2

    Bad or Good Starfish?

    They munch on your coralline algae.
  4. Symbiosis2

    Coral id please

    Could be a sulking Scleronephthya sp or Dendronephthya sp in which case they are non photosynthetic and will require feeding.
  5. Symbiosis2

    What's the most annoying thing about your tank?

    Brown star polyps.
  6. Symbiosis2

    What is this amazing coral?

    Thought perhaps they had adapted to a low light situation. Was going on the 8 tentacles per polyp scenario. Point taken though.
  7. Symbiosis2

    What is this amazing coral?

    Not a goni (24 tentacles per polyp) or alveopora (12 tentacles per polyp). Think you may have Heliopora there. The bluestone rock currently available is the dead version. Keith.
  8. Symbiosis2

    Blue Zoas

    Mine too just melted away :-(
  9. Symbiosis2

    The cheap LED light son Fleabay

    Been pleased with mine, purely for aesthetics though. Standard Leds in RSM are poor.
  10. Symbiosis2

    Anyone recommend glass scraper with handle?

    This one? Tetra Tetratec Glass Scraper - Pet Supplies from PET SUPERMARKET® the UK's #1 Online pet store
  11. Symbiosis2

    Gloves ....

    How about these. 50 Arm Length Aquarium Gloves One Size - TOP BUY ! | eBay UK Keith.
  12. Symbiosis2

    Mini maxi nem

    Try directing a powerhead directly on the foot. Has worked for other people, not tried it myself though. Keith.
  13. Symbiosis2

    green hair algae

    Or an abalone.
  14. Symbiosis2

    odd behaviour of royal gramma

    Yes it's nest building. They are a very territorial.
  15. Symbiosis2


    Def' worth the wait. Cracking last 10 laps.
  16. Symbiosis2

    Blue LEDs

    I bought these, 48 LED MOONLIGHT STRIP KIT 4 MARINE AQUARIUM FISH TANK | eBay UK Very happy with the results. I have Rsm 130d and the leds were c**p so these were a revelation.
  17. Symbiosis2

    Bump button.

    Very very very slooooow.
  18. Symbiosis2

    Pussy Coral

    Never had much success with the cocktail stick method, they always seem to pull out. Elastic band, not too tight or between two bits of live rock have worked for me.
  19. Symbiosis2

    ID help, weird orange LPS!

    Heres one I made earlier. :wink: 1. Gorgeous Orange Leptastrea
  20. Symbiosis2

    The Cursed Species

    Bubble coral, slowly dwindles away. :-(