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    Frag rack availability

    Ok thanks, I'll keep an eye out.
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    Frag rack availability

    Hi, I would like to order the small magnetic frag rack but it's out of stock on your website. When will it be back in stock? Thanks Alison
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    Mixing clownfish?

    For what it's worth, here's how I paired up my clowns in a 24g nano I started with a larger orange percula. The perc was free swimming in the tank for about a month, then I bought a b+w half her size and put him into a breeding trap close to the corner where the orange perc 'sleeps' at night. I...
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    Tang compatability

    Put my YT and scopas in together on the same day, occasional chase to show who's boss but nothing major, been a good 3 months now I think. both fat and healthy.:dance: I think feeding shedloads helps as they don't think there is any competition for food. :rolleyes:
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    Fish stuck in weir

    18inch long scraper in one hand, small net in the other. You could probably gently coax the fish near the net and then net it slowly. I've now done this successfully on the OH's tank with a small hi-fin goby, and then a scooter blenny.
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    Laser eye surgery

    Hi, I had the wavefront lasik done 3 years ago and never looked back. I went to Optical Express (In my opinion, the top 2 at the time in the business) and paid £3200 as my eyes were relatively bad. (I think the price reflects how badly the correction is needed). I chose the more expensive...
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    Balling Lite Salts

    Hi CoralBananas, How are you finding the dosing? Have you started FM yet? I'm looking into getting a doser myself but researching which balling method is simplest and most effective. Alison
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    Cuttlefish nursery!

    Hi, when do you think you'll be able to put them into the edge?
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    Cuttlefish nursery!

    Re: Cuttle cube! With your experience and dedication, I'm sure they will be fine! When I was in Hong Kong, I saw some shops selling them, they were about the length of a mobile phone, whenever you put your hand near the glass they would start flashing their colours, it was amazing to watch.
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    Cuttlefish nursery!

    Re: Cuttle cube! Wow, they are cute! Can't wait to see more pics of them when they go into the edge. How big will they get in the space of a year? I saw them when they were grapelike eggs in the store, can't believe they've hatched now! Must go and visit. And how sweet of the OH getting the...
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    Happy Birthday cdurkin100

    Happy Birthday!:wav:
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    I've got a Bare Bottom but needs a clean

    I don't have sand in the current tank (RSM250) as I never liked the look of the detritus collecting on it (my CUC never seemed to be able to completely clean it). I have a bare minimum of coarse gravel in my tank now that just about covers the glass. Then where necessary I have little mounds...
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    Green Mandarin - a solution?

    If you turn the powerheads off and squirt some brineshrimp/cyclopeeze/mysis mixture in front of him, he may have a go at pecking. I used to have one in my nano 24g and he used to eat brine shrimp, but you must make sure there's no flow when feeding. Or the food will get blown away before he gets...
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    Skimmer for D and D 24g

    I used the kent nano skimmer, was less noisy then the TMC one, but had to wet skim till I upgraded.
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    coaxing a clownfish to do the deed...

    UPDATE - coaxing a clownfish to do the deed... UPDATE Got my new rbta today, caught my clowns and put them in a bucket with the nem (after aclimatisation), two pieces of rock and an air pump. Clowns wouldn't really go near it, so I then used my hands to kind of cage them in, the male started...
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    New SPS

    HystericalHystericalHysterical:lol::lol:HystericalHysterical Had to look twice to see what they were, love the crabs!
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    how good

    THAT is so sweet, looks like they're having fun too!
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    ever had one of those days ....

    Dare I say ' you'd be bored otherwise?' :-d Seriously though, I have had plenty of those days, mostly to do with scaping.
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    Mandarin feeding station

    Spoke too soon, had to stare at the white specks a long time today to ensure all was dead. They are all suspended in mid-air though, and after 5 mins, I can just about make out some minuscule movement (no air pump). So I think they are actually alive! Not sure why the adults are all dead though?
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    Mandarin feeding station

    Unfortunately, it looks like the thing has crashed. no adult copepods, just lots of little white things floating about. Not even sure where it went wrong, there was a steady stream of bubbles, phytofeast everyday, and when salinity got a bit high, I squirted a bit of RO into the water? Should...