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  1. madseawoman

    Part for AWC31

    Gordon thanks for your quick service - tap arrived yesterday and is now on the AWC. There goes my excuse for not doing a water change!
  2. madseawoman

    Part for AWC31

    Thanks - you're a star!!!
  3. madseawoman

    Part for AWC31

    Yes it's the tap that's snapped! I've just sent you a PM Thanks Daphne
  4. madseawoman

    Part for AWC31

    I think it's the correct one but looks slightly different. Hope this photo comes out OK!! Sent from my XT1032 using Tapatalk
  5. madseawoman

    Part for AWC31

    I think it's the correct one but looks slightly different as I haven't got the big orange bit at the end!! I've sent a photo via Tapatalk but not sure where it will end up as it's the first time I've done it!!!
  6. madseawoman

    Part for AWC31

    Sent from my XT1032 using Tapatalk
  7. madseawoman

    Part for AWC31

    Hi Gordon the tap has snapped/sheared off my outlet pipe on my AWC31. I've looked on your website to see if I can buy a replacement but you seem to have everything else except this! Can these be replaced or is my AWC knackered? Thanks Daphne
  8. madseawoman

    TMC Aquaray 500 light in a boyu tl450

    I've had a couple of unsuccessful attempts at keeping SPS under the 1000 Tile in my 40cm cube but my Alvepora, Hammers, Blastos and Softies all seem to be doing well.
  9. madseawoman

    Trolley for AWC31

    Thanks for giving it a test run! I've got a sack trolley which is similar so I might try that to begin with. I'll probably order next week when I've sorted out where I need to get it delivered as, due to work committments, I may have to get it sent to a relative's.
  10. madseawoman

    TMC Reef-skim Skimmers

    I'm thinking about getting a new skimmer and was looking at the new TMC range of skimmers but was just wondering what they were like
  11. madseawoman

    Trolley for AWC31

    I've decided that I will treat myself to an AWC31 but was wondering whether the optional trolley available for the 2 bigger ones can be used with the AWC31 or does it have to be carried?
  12. madseawoman

    What to replace an Orchid Dottyback with??

    What about a Black Cap Basslet or a Yellow Assessor?
  13. madseawoman

    Sump as quarantine tank

    Do you mean to use it on the same system as the main tank because that way any disease will still be able to get into the tank or do you intend to remove the sump completely and use it as a standalone QT?
  14. madseawoman

    Cats and fish tanks

    I've got two Burmese cats - one shows no interest in the tank at all but the other insists on getting on top of my ATI Light unit which goes onto the tank by way of the pelmet. All is ok but hubby made a cover for the fans just in case she catches her tail in them :eek:
  15. madseawoman

    Rowaphos contamination

    I don't flush my Rowa prior to putting the reactor on anymore. I just let it run and then do a 25l water change after about 5 minutes - that soon clears it.
  16. madseawoman

    Best lighting for aquanano 40?

    I've got a TMC Tile over my 40cm cube and have both soft and LPS corals in there.
  17. madseawoman

    Clowns and Anemone

    I've had mine for nearly 7 years and up until now they've only hosted the outlet pipe regardless of what tank they are in (they're in their forth home!) but they've recently started hosting my xenia as well
  18. madseawoman


    I run one on my 30in cube which is on all year round. In the winter it occasionally comes on but it's a godsend in the summer. My two small tanks I rely on fans to keep them cool
  19. madseawoman

    Best way to rid surface skim?

    These surface skimmers are great pieces of kit. The only problem is that the odd snail gets down there and I put a Possum Wrasse in the tank on Sunday which decided to make the skimmer it's home for a couple of days but he's out now so I can restart it!
  20. madseawoman

    Pistol shrimp and blood shrimp ?

    Bit late I know but I've got a Fire, Pistol and 2 Peppermint shrimps in my 55 Litre nano and they get on fine.