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  1. fishkeepers

    Regal tang

    it would be for a while but wont be perminantly
  2. fishkeepers

    auto top up

    i agree a must have. if you dont wanna pay loads make your own, i did you do need diy skills and wiring tho. but its easy enough anf you can have as many safty fetures as you like
  3. fishkeepers

    Calcium reactor

    thank you neil and sprry i havnt got back to you, i habe bought one that should be here tomorrow
  4. fishkeepers

    Calcium reactor

    whats the price lol i dont need the bottle, the rest i could do with tho ahha
  5. fishkeepers

    jaebo wp25 best setting?

    turn the power down, and the speed or pulse down. i have the rw-15 i have mine on pulse full blast but it would be ok if you turned em down
  6. fishkeepers

    Calcium reactor

    im looking for a calcium reactor that will be able to supply 500-700ltrs can any one help ?? dont mind paying postage etc dont want TMC tho lol
  7. fishkeepers

    anyone live in bolton fancy doing me a massive massive favour ?

    basically i have one a light unit on ebay but his stupid paypal account isnt working properly la la la and not being english its hard to comunicate properly so i wondered if anyone would collect it for me and send it to me and ill pay pal them the moneys ??
  8. fishkeepers

    coral id please

    No one no ?
  9. fishkeepers

    coral id please

    And it has a skeleton
  10. fishkeepers

    coral id please

    Basically, I have a friend who owns this and thinks its an elephant's ear im not so sure as the ones I have seen are usually browner amd have *****ly bits all over it The coral in question
  11. fishkeepers

    aqua one skimmer pump !!!!

    Wanted ... I have bloody broken my aqua one skimmer pump and I cant glue the little bit back together so does anyone have a pump ??
  12. fishkeepers

    Godiva, waveline, delete,korallin, jebao - Bolton - BL2 5EZ - Collection Only

    Ite buddy, whats your best price for the mc600 posted ?
  13. fishkeepers

    4ft jewel bow front

    Now on ebay
  14. fishkeepers

    4ft jewel bow front

    Some new pictures if amyones interested
  15. fishkeepers

    4ft jewel bow front

    Sorry its actually a fluvel tank not a jewel
  16. fishkeepers

    4ft jewel bow front

    Hi, I am looking to swap my jewel 4ft bow front for something smaller like a cube tank, th only require ment is its gotta have a stand and my misses has go5 to like it lol I dont mind travelling for the right tank
  17. fishkeepers

    Strange Yellow Sac Type thing?

    I recon a sponge
  18. fishkeepers

    I recon bargain of the year... someones gotta buy it !

    Second time round listed actually cant believe no one has brought this yet !! He would take his starting price if collected sooner rather than later Ebay item number 271151128376
  19. fishkeepers

    Wanted lighting .. 2 tubes possibly

    Nee one / two lights for my tank pref t5 lighting bit anything to grow my plants lol willing 5o swap a tunze powerhead or pay, even a ballast wouod be great lol
  20. fishkeepers

    Down sizeing or quitting

    Heres a different spin on it, why not go tropical ?? I had the same problems and a new baby, I went back to tropical and now i injoy the tank, I have some discus and a few other fish in a nearly fully planted tank running co2 so little more technical than a normal tropical tank and I actually...