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  1. shady

    60g Mixed Reef + Seahorse Display Refugium

    Do you have any worries about the Caleurpa going asexual ??
  2. shady

    Pearling On Live Rock

    I think everything has been covered. The pearling is an algae of form photosynthesising, and this would of been caused by many symptoms but it looks like your tank has all symptoms at the same time. 1) Moving tanks - although previously cycled rocks , the new tank will still require a minimum...
  3. shady

    My Tank

    I have already "Bumped" it back up the list, the thread is open
  4. shady

    Bio Pellets

    I Did, They Do ( well did for me ) Cant remember (it was years ago ) Sorry
  5. shady

    I.d On Coral

    Sinularia Sp. by the looks of it
  6. shady

    my tank

  7. shady

    My Tank

    A lot of the Moderators tools have disappeared currently and a lot of the archived posts have been deleted , what was the title of your tank thread and I will have a search.
  8. shady

    I Got Diatoms! My System Is 8 Months Old?

    Was the butter low fat ??
  9. shady

    Chris Barton

    Welcome to the forum, Nice tank. ( am I allowed to make the comment that if it was me I would clean the glass - but that's just my OCD coming out LOL)
  10. shady

    Safe & Not So Safe Plastics

    A positive and informative thread, just what we need on this forum , thank you and nice work .
  11. shady

    The Salty Box Forums Has New Owners

    Eaval, I am not sure what happened in the past but its nice to see Old members returning to pass on more knowledge to others ( and no doubt some sarcastic wit). Welcome Back
  12. shady

    Hi All...

    Hello and welcome, Will you be setting up another tank abroad ??
  13. shady

    Tank Update

    I actually meant lots of large corals compared with the recent trend of open space within the aquarium
  14. shady

    Tank Update

    Nice "busy" looking tank.
  15. shady


  16. shady

    Djs Mrs Kitchen Reef

    No , No, No - everyone knows a single clown fish needs at least a reefer 170 , and don't forget it was only a bargain at £20
  17. shady

    Hi All

    Hello and Welcome
  18. shady

    Mike and Clare's Tank build

    Oh - now that's different - I wouldn't do that, you want to do this .................................... LOL
  19. shady

    Mike and Clare's Tank build

    If it works for you why change it