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  1. diver 807

    Come back Mods :(

    I was a mod until I had issues posting on here and then computer probs but I am back on but as you can see not as mod.
  2. diver 807

    Help Needed With Evergrow It5080 Light Schedule Please

    I think you have the uv too high,might be wrong.
  3. diver 807

    My 640 Litre

    tank looking great.neat and tidy.
  4. diver 807

    New Marine Keeper

    :sign0016: to the forum
  5. diver 807

    the new forum

    I have just had a request to join That forum, to a glance of what they are like and found it almost the same format as this.same layout and categories .
  6. diver 807

    Hello all...

    hello and :sign0016: to TSB.
  7. diver 807

    How Long ??

    keep on going.but don't give up.let things be for a while and see what happens.
  8. diver 807


    when is a door not a door
  9. diver 807

    Forum Moderators Wanted

    cheers Brian.
  10. diver 807

    Forum Moderators Wanted

    I was a moderator but was asked to step down to a support mod.don't know why.
  11. diver 807

    What is this?

    remove .aipstasias
  12. diver 807

    Help and advice

    click on forum, scroll down till you find Help and Advice.
  13. diver 807

    Word Association Just for fun

  14. diver 807

    When to add a clean up crew?

    a variety of snails.first off. no point adding hermits a there wont be anything to eat unless you put in a small amount of food..
  15. diver 807

    Come back Mods :(

    sorry guys ,didn't see that .I am just going to eat humble pie.Worship Worship Worship
  16. diver 807

    Come back Mods :(

    that sort of talk is what started all the trouble with the forum before
  17. diver 807

    Come back Mods :(

    as the Take That song said Want you back
  18. diver 807

    Anemone has split?

    they seem fine ,sg a bit high 1.025-6 is better otherwise aok.
  19. diver 807

    Anemone has split?

    nothing to worry with the nem but I don't know about your params as you don't give what brands they are.
  20. diver 807

    Anemone has split?

    that's their way of reproducing.