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  1. Clearwater

    DVH all in one pellets

    Mine came from Aqua Mohr in Warsaw Krzysztof is the contact
  2. Clearwater

    DVH all in one pellets

    Think H2O do them If your struggling I have an overseas contact
  3. Clearwater

    Steve's Clamtastic 9-feet of salty fun

    Love the Trigger Photo
  4. Clearwater

    My Project Atlantik New Video Added April

    Top Down up date Photos Slow but steady progress Colour slightly out from the LEDs iPhone struggles
  5. Clearwater

    Attention All Maspect Gyre Owners

    Araaaagh Just bought one for £25 They are worth buying, the arms holding the Gyre are flexible rather than the original one which are rigid Little peed off about this as I only contacted BUK 2 weeks ago for advise
  6. Clearwater

    Maxwells upgrade 54 x 30 x 30

    Looking good Bill
  7. Clearwater

    Calling all large or multiple tank owners

    Having a fugue about the display is ultimately the best solution as plankton is washed into the system without damage from pumps My new sump Is remote underneath the display level in my garage So far I didn't do a water change But am using a Ca reactor and ICP tests to Monitor traces
  8. Clearwater

    !! New In Store Display Thread !!

    Very nice Lee Look forward to seeing it
  9. Clearwater

    az nitrate remover warning

    That's OK Finer the sand greater the surface area and processing capability
  10. Clearwater

    az nitrate remover warning

    Whole tank Wouldn't use a starfish Concha are good Strawberry or Orange lipped
  11. Clearwater

    az nitrate remover warning

    You can't have water pushing through as that would create aerobic conditions bio Pearls need to be in a reactor It's easy to put the effluent pipe near the Slimer intake
  12. Clearwater

    az nitrate remover warning

    Gorg only does Nitrite to Nitrate What you are missing is Nitrate to Nitrogen This needs anaerobic conditions Provided deep in live rock, DSB MM etc Algue beds are very helpful but you must harvest regular amounts to export the nutrients. Alternative would be running Bio Pearls with the...
  13. Clearwater

    az nitrate remover warning

    you can get cheap TDS pens from E Bay some LPS also sell them or Advertisers on here like Little Ocean you should also let it run for a few mins before using the water is cleaner the incoming water will determine the TDS out, my incoming is around 75 TDS (soft water area) and Output before...
  14. Clearwater

    az nitrate remover warning

    with a fish only system nitrate of 30 won't do any harm, just some algal growth is your water change water made from 0TDS RO ?
  15. Clearwater

    Anemone advise please

    you don't need to dip
  16. Clearwater


    I run mine at 7.5 to 8 DKh Which matches the salt I use As above 0.5 per day You may find the first day not much happens with it being so low Don't be tempted to add lots of extra buffer as it can suddenly shoot up
  17. Clearwater

    Tom's Box of Rocks

    The White edge is probably growth on the Montiopora The cheato die off would raise nutrients Though Po4 looks out of balance (high) How do these readings compare to the last ones ? The rows will help
  18. Clearwater

    Are UK-based reef forums in terminal decline?

    Without doubt Facebook is diverting Trafic away from the Forums Which is good and bad Good you can get a fast response Bad you don't know if it's good advice or not What's interesting is the number of guests on line at any one time, people who use the resources of the forum but don't...
  19. Clearwater

    My Project Atlantik New Video Added April

    Lots Quite a lot of frags on the big plate for swops later Historix Hyacinth mainly Bali Slimer and Blue tip Stag