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    Chris Barton

    Hey Chris, Ive had the pleasure of seeing this tank grow over the past 6 months. Keep up the good work. Neil
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    The Salty Box Forums Has New Owners

    Brent, I am guessing you see this more a business venture rather than hobbiest run forum, which is no bad thing as it should offer a level of professionalism that has been missing over the 12-18 months and certainly within the last 3 to 4. My question is and has been for a long time, how do...
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    Help Needed With Evergrow It5080 Light Schedule Please

    They dont use a lot of green light photosythetically but it may enhance colors depending on your coral stock, saying that Red is also important part of the spectrum ( although dont forget white light contains portion of red wavelengths also). Many of the IT50 users have taken on and programmed...
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    Help Needed With Evergrow It5080 Light Schedule Please

    Looks ok, any reason for green being so high?
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    Media bag in sump. It works pretty well and can be regenerated if required
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    SB on the up?

    How about small is not actually a bad thing! Rather than large inpersonal forum, small and compact focusing on the " community ". When I used to play golf i was part of small forum probably no more than 50-150 regular posters but what it had is personal touch. Everyone had knew someone who...
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    SB on the slide?

    My golden rule, the best advice often comes from replies who ask further questions before answering. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    SB on the slide?

    Yes i mentioned this before SB has a vast amount of retrievable information something thats not easily available with facebook. But how do new users find it? I typed into google treating white spot marine tank. Where did saltybox come in the returns? Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    SB on the slide?

    The saltybox group was run as separate entity pretty much originally with old style forum rules as was quickly surpassed by other groups. So yes pushing the forum is a great idea, but guess what i am asking: what the forum can do for me as a general user? How is the forum attracting new...
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    SB on the slide?

    To me it a HMV / Woolworths moment was seen 18 months ago with forums. Forums are HMV and facebook Itunes. HMV failed to move with the trends and are suffered as a result. But like the, i suppose arrogance of HMV people will still need stores, echo of your statement people need forums. It...
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    SB on the slide?

    I am sorry Realist, but your not living up to your screen name. Yes facebook is a convenience, but forums are a community that stick together if that was the case TSB would be as popular as it was 2 or 3 years ago. Advertisers are setting up there own pages and showing stock within facebook...
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    SB on the slide?

    Glad to see its under new ownership and new sense of direction and ideas. Obviously the "news" post has been locked but here is my 2p worth: For the forum to survive and thrive, You need to offer something that facebook can not. Yes as the new owner you may not like it, but you only have to...
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    Pair of six lines from Burscough toda.

    I think generally there is enough evidence to suggest Six Lines can eventually lead to a problem with aggression in some tanks. Certainly a very nice looking fish but not one i would like to take a chance on.
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    Are LFS becoming an endangered species

    We are still a small hobby, so it can only sustain a certain number of shops within a region. Is it better for the hobby to have a small number of 1st class shops within a region or a number of smaller but carrying less stock and choice
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    Are LFS becoming an endangered species

    The best shops are booming, was in burscough today and was packed.
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    SB on the slide?

    I would suggest tank threads should be treated as a journal and any advice based questions should be via a separate post. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    SB on the slide?

    Whats the accuracy on the guest numbers? How many are real users? Admin offer any insight? Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    USA V UK. Why is that?

    Well the study by BRS would suggest otherwise, and why would GHA be better at dealing with phosphates than Cheato? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dr1q5BkvO_o
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    Zoa Libary

    Great idea!! Can i offer a suggestion: Can it be done in alphabet order? This may help people searching.