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  1. Neil

    Need Help With Orp

    What meter did you get ? Most use a controller rather then just checking Also ozone should not be added directly to the tank I see you are adding it via a oxygen diffusers can you post a picture
  2. Neil

    Overflow Help :(

    There is a good write up in the diy section by me lol
  3. Neil

    calicum reactor or dosing pump

    Dosing pump is more accurate
  4. Neil

    Come back Mods :(

    Im here I used to be a mod does that count lol
  5. Neil

    Best pre made water

    You be waiting a long time lol
  6. Neil

    Best pre made water

    Most coastal public aquariums around the UK use NSW Use the advanced search option for title thete are a few threads about it But its not an option for me (till I move to the cost lol)
  7. Neil

    Best pre made water

    Natral sea water tanks are around
  8. Neil


    Unless the fish is put into QT you cant treat with strong chemicals
  9. Neil

    missing hermits

    Always found that they dont last long unless you target feed them
  10. Neil

    Best pre made water

    Agree but im a bit to far away lol
  11. Neil

    Best pre made water

    I have one nice bit of live living in a sump of friends tank been im there for about 6 months As for fish stock im limeted with just 15 liters so was thinking pistal shrimp / gobby pair Coral wise im not decided yet but as the tank will be a bit instable with regards to tempritue be such low...
  12. Neil

    3000 posts gone I'm going to cry

    Post counts back up :clap:
  13. Neil

    Hi all

    We come back
  14. Neil

    Hello hello!

    Hi and welcome (it's been a long time since I said that on here)
  15. Neil

    marinlab - triton water test

    also better to screen grabs then taking photos lol
  16. Neil

    Best pre made water

    no once filled I will be doing 20% water changes per week that's 3 liters 17lites of Caribsea pure sea water cost £17 so will cost me £3 per week for water changes
  17. Neil

    Best pre made water

    Thanks as its only 15 litres wont be to costly
  18. Neil

    Best pre made water

    I dont want to buy water from my lfs as they are not good there was at lest one brand off pre made water two and a half years ago
  19. Neil

    Best pre made water

    Sorry was meaning pre made salt water not dry salt
  20. Neil

    Best pre made water

    As title whats the best pre made salt as im going to be running a 15 liter tank to start back up and dont want the hassel to start off with