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  1. Bluez_01

    Come back Mods :(

    I hold no hard feelings towards TSB, however obviously as it is no secret now, I will not be returning to TSB due to other commitments elsewhere, we gave it a good go, and we had a solid team with a great understanding, however as they say "all things must come to an end" and so it did, I wish...
  2. Bluez_01

    Highest post frequency / volume

    post count i would say, i know Neil has 16k worth, that will take some beating... lol
  3. Bluez_01

    Not new but back after 2.5 years

    Its a fix I tell you! look at the post count, he has hacked it!!! Hysterical About bl00dy time Neil! :sign0016: back bud.
  4. Bluez_01

    Best one liners then?

    Having sex is like playing bridge. If you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand.
  5. Bluez_01

    Soft coral I.D. and feeding

    Could be that because of the reduced feeding combined with correct temp and salinty levels now your nitrates have fallen which in return has "lightened" the colours more, most of us are guilty of over feeding our tanks which cause us nitrate issues, and then we complain and battle with nitrates...
  6. Bluez_01

    Cheap Chinese LED's won't grow SPS, really?

    I think it depends really les on what you are wanting, quality of the led itself can be far less than the quality of the more expensive ones, with that being said not all corals need or require the entire spectrum to grow or flourish, I have built my own led light in the past when I first came...
  7. Bluez_01

    36w compact bulbs disappear

    Just a word of caution tiger bud, if you are planning on changing the wattage go for the 24w not the 55w if they are universal fittings, as the 55w one will rip the transformer and possibly could cause a fire in the lid due to more heat being produced, both of which is not good bud.
  8. Bluez_01

    The SaltyBox (TSB) Under New Ownership.

    Nev pops up like a bad penny from time to time, lol, he is still on the forum, just not as often as he use to be, which could be down to a number of reasons, Heller I have not seen for a long while now, same with Sash (Matt) etc... I am not sure if they just dont have the time for all the forums...
  9. Bluez_01

    Help with micro bubbles from skimmer!!

    Skimmers take a little while to bed-in, and will produce micro bubbles while this is happening, normally resolves itself within a week at the most, same thing can happen is the skimmer is cleaned completely inside and out and looks and works as new, if the micro-bubbles are causing you a...
  10. Bluez_01

    The SaltyBox (TSB) Under New Ownership.

    With all due respect to the names you have mentioned, none of them have database or SQL experience, therefore what you state is completely rubbish, without praising my own input, it has mainly be myself that has kept this forum running up to this point with keeping the forum working, all of the...
  11. Bluez_01

    36w compact bulbs disappear

    Not a warning, lol, just confused about what the post is trying to ask/say... I like to help where possible, but not sure what this thread is about to be honest. Update. I think I now understand what tigerbird is on about, it seems from his post in the "shop request section" that these bulbs...
  12. Bluez_01

    36w compact bulbs disappear

    Kind of lost on this post? are you looking for a light unit? or are you saying that the lights are good/bad? not sure I follow what you are saying, sorry.
  13. Bluez_01

    Food grade barrels

    Wilko`s? beer barrels are pretty reasonable priced and are food grade.
  14. Bluez_01

    Sump plumbing

  15. Bluez_01

    i am back

    Welcome back pal, glad your ok... Big Thumbs Up
  16. Bluez_01

    acan prices.........

    Drool.... I love acans, and yes you have some ultra A grades in that collection of yours, price wise is hard to nail down, as I normally work on size rather than heads, I can say that a 4-5" Ultra A grade will run at around £90-£100 per rock, the problem with acans is you can have 100 heads that...
  17. Bluez_01

    A rather strange request but interesting.

    Hi Les, Just reading up on this algae, and I was wondering if you had any issues with ph levels? as from what I am reading this algae can deplete oxygen levels and can increase the production of hydrogen sulphide in the sediment, so wanted to ask the question. Thanks.
  18. Bluez_01

    who runs uv. ???? poll

    Ahhh, this may of been what your friend was talking about, and it could of been that you mistaken the UV for a sump light, as above from Ade_S is correct though.
  19. Bluez_01


    Could be that its sulking due to carbon being added, if it is this then you should be fine and it will open up again in a day or two, your params look good to me in general, but if it was me I would be looking at reducing down the Alk to around 8/9 at a max, running it around 11 could be adding...
  20. Bluez_01

    Heat Issues....

    As we all know we are in for this weird thing called "Summer" which is lasting for longer than we are normally use too, (more than 4 days of the year), with this comes a possible issue of over heating on our tanks. A few tips that can save any tank if there is an issue with heat can be the...