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  1. doug_amanda

    My Tank

  2. doug_amanda

    Are Fish In More Healthy In A Reef Type System Or In A Fish Only System?

    Don't think there should be a difference. But I think more attention is placed on water quality in a reef system which must be beneficial to the fish.
  3. doug_amanda

    How Do.

    Welcome to the forum, nice tank :-)
  4. doug_amanda

    I Got Diatoms! My System Is 8 Months Old?

    Just for future reference, external links are fine, we even have a sub-section in help and advice for them It's links to other forums that get frowned upon:-)
  5. doug_amanda

    Chris Barton

    Welcome to the forum Chris, very nice setup
  6. doug_amanda

    The Salty Box Forums Has New Owners

    As above as far as I'm aware there are no members past or present banned and no threads or members will be banned or removed for voicing their opinion but I would like to remind everyone (before things go too far) that we are a friendly forum and whatever has happened in the past needs to be...
  7. doug_amanda

    The Salty Box Forums Has New Owners

    More than welcome mate :-)
  8. doug_amanda

    Marty's 6x2x2

    That's a lovely anemone, mine never gets any bubble tips like that, it's always a bit stringy looking. Looking really good :thumbsup:
  9. doug_amanda

    Sump Cracked

    All good then :thumbsup:
  10. doug_amanda

    Dd Reactor Help/advice

    That is correct, ideally you want it just simmering gently in the reactor.
  11. doug_amanda

    Poorly Shrimp?

    Yep, that makes sense, quite possibly the case.
  12. doug_amanda

    Come back Mods :(

    @Brent W
  13. doug_amanda

    Poorly Shrimp?

    Don't know if it's coincidence but if I ever do a larger than normal water change it's usually followed by the shrimp shedding
  14. doug_amanda


    Welcome to the forum Rex
  15. doug_amanda

    Wanting To Start Some Corals

    Think your stuck with soft corals only, you could try zoas or pallys but no guarantees.
  16. doug_amanda

    Tank Update

    Looking really good les:);)
  17. doug_amanda

    The Salty Box Forums Has New Owners

    The salty box was known as one of the most friendly and informative reef forums on the net, there's no denying it for a while it lost that status along with a good few members but we are now at least enjoying a period of stability and with that will come new members and some returning old...
  18. doug_amanda

    Wanted - New Tank

    Have you seen the Evaluation aqua range of tanks? They now make them up to 6ft I believe, Not the cheapest but the quality is superb. I know both Burscough aquatics and Kracken corals deal in them if you wanted to see one.
  19. doug_amanda

    Mike and Clare's Tank build

    Yep vid works fine :-)