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  • Its about that yes, you either need to mix straight away, or mix and leave for day or two.

    Been caught out a few times on sg that way.

    PS Don't fall off your chair, Im at physio again this morning lmao
    that's why its 35 Pt salinity

    just dont know how it mixes up for my normal change its a pint and a half ish of salt
    I have not quite got it right yet chuck, be aware though that newly mixed it will read 10% lower than 1.026. Also be aware its 35ml per litre and 35 grams.
    how much Bio Active salt are you using for the 85 Ltrs
    Just ordered a 50 Ltr one so was hoping to use your numbers
    Sounds lovely chuck.

    Physio is going to send me a longer appointment through, he had a look at my back while i was there, and he found alot of inflammation around the base of the spine. He is going to use the electro stimulation machine (no filthy comments please) on the area and try to get the swelling down for me.
    not your fault you fell over Hun (-)
    The Thai stuff was like a cross over Physio/Massage/Chiropractor
    apparently they train in a Temple for a year before being allowed to work
    I was very supprised how good they were, at least you are getting Physio!
    It might if I had transprt to get somewhere for massage lol.

    I had had physio on Friday morning and he had massaged all the knots of tension out of my neck, mum in law and dad in law go back to midlands and within an hour I fall over my own foot. So angry with myself, the massage was completely undone after.
    had a Thai massage on Holiday was absolutely brilliant, lots of pressure but great at stopping muscle spasm
    not easy to lie there may help
    Yep chuck, am a little rough. Just had a shower see if the hot water helps any.
    Bed with Diazepam again me thinks !!!
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