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  • hi paul, yes they are , got myself some flatworm exit so this is my plan . strip the tank down and put the rock i want in my main tank, in a large blue tub and treat with exit , no lights and water movement, and change water using main tank water. then clean out main tank till totally clean,replace live rock with a large amount of new, and also the good rock i saved ,the rest can go in to my two sumps i have which is a glass 6ft one under my main tank, and also i hav a large blue tub with skimmer and reactors, can you advise on a deep sand bed was going to put one in the blue tub, or the glass sump or my main tank or not at all. then its the waiting game, of testing and adding coral,my fish will be in the blue tub till the corals are added and then i can turn the blue sump on to main tank and add the fish. please advise on this , sorry for the long winded story, but more you know the more you can advise me, thanks paul
    Really could do with some rapid advise on sick fish if you get back to me in time!

    Hi m8 I got the abyss to buy him back from me for what I paid for it cos they said he was fully grown and he carried on growing
    The pods you see moving around wont be the same sort that you get between the grains of sand. In our very large deep sand bed there is virtually nothing. Its clearly works as the nitrates are reduced, but I think just not enough food and detritus is reaching it to maintain a diverse population. The bed itself is very free of any detritus.

    On the other hand our coral frag tanks, i can suck up a bit of detritus from there and find hundreds of things in a small amount of dirt. Ive been trying to transfer lots of detritus from the frag tanks to the large DSB to try and increase the fauna living in there.

    Id love to do a a study and a bit more research and test lots of sand beds to see what we find living in there and whether sand grain, nutrient levels etc makes a difference.

    I might see if we can get an undergraduate student in and ask for lots of samples from TSB
    Yep it was from my sandbed in my existing sump. It's odd as my sump is full of pods and mysid. I wonder if it's because I didn't scoop it out, I just put a large syringe under the sand and sucked a sample up! thanks for looking and sorry for doubting you ;-)
    Yes mate seen the pics the other night and then got distracted before i could reply. It looks massive, That started out in my tank with 3 heads, How many now? Well done on it mate. Next time im down shopping in liverpool will see if swmbo wants to pop in. Will take my chance if your there or not.
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