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  • Hi Paul; I hope all is well with you and Happy New Year!...I have now upgraded to an Aquareef 300 (thread in members tank section) and I have a quick question...I seem to recall that you have/have and auto-water-change system?? If I remember correctly, then where did you get it from?...hoping that its online somewhere.....Many thanks; Enzo
    Paul, me again....just got over my 'blond moment' and realised that floss in chamber 1 was so clogged that pump in chamber 4 was having to pull water much harder, thus also taking its own chamber level down! DOH! Thanks anyway!! E
    Hi Paul, I hope you're well!....I have a quick question that might sound a bit stupid....due to evaporation from back chambers on my nano, I'm toping up daily at present and its always the 4 chamber, where return pump is and the one just before it; so chambers 3 and 4. Until this morning, I would pour water in there, the level would go up to where I want it and it would stay there....since this afternoon, when I put water in there, it comes up and then it goes straight back down again by 1/3 of the depth!!!...there is no water coming out of the tank; its dry all around it thank God, as we're away for a week from Monday so last thing I need is a leak right now.....so where the heck is that water going???? Any ideas welcome! Many thank; Enzo
    hi Paul is the iphone still available as my wife wants one i could see you at c c waters club if you are going thanks bill
    From xkoitrop.0016? Still woking blind on website am litterate. Must be missing something simple. Pipeing up new tank at weekend. Tbanks for contact.
    No DSB mate as gone with an open sump owing to it being so small. I was sure all the reactors, heater, skimmer etc etc would then fit :)
    Paul, how thick was the top layer of your DSB, did you sand or crushed coral mate?
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