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  • I don't. Know what you mean mate my computers been out of action last sat was the first time if been on the web for two weeks n if you mean slagging your to off I pmd you when I found out it wasn't up to scratch. I Didn't. Put it on the open forum which I could have if had good customer relationship in the past as you've been very helpful the to I bought was that bad my own tap water would have been beter n if I added it to my tank in top off I'd be loading the battle to start with n yes I told a few reefer friends as I don't want them leaving the hobby it will just mean people will check there to more n if its good they will return for more all the best Mike
    Alright Mike, sorry to hear you've not been well enought to reply on here although I see you've been busy on here over the last 3 or 4 weeks, are you sure somebody's not putting you up to this?
    That's good Phil sorry reply a bit late been not well sure you will sell gallons if it is good stuff mine had to go down the drain nevermind sorted I could have put it on open form but new you'd put it right mate all the best Mike
    There's a buzz in the air here at Northfields, Its now been a year since we decided not to let the buggers beat us, The road closure no longers bothers us, people are happy to drive round to us now for their weekly supplies and livestock and thanks to a big advertising campaign in the local press, lots of new people are coming in to see what they've been missing out on. With our keen pricing and quality stock these people keep coming back to us week in week out. And as for the roof collapse on the garden centre, thats now nothing more than a distant memory.
    This coming year looks to be one of great potential for us. We are very busy putting into place, not just aquatics, everything that will make 2013 the best year ever for us at Northfields and I would like to take this opportunity to THANK everyone on here for their kind words and support over the last year.
    I think someone is trying to slow our R/O and SALTED water sales down. Sorry to say it didn't work, we're still selling loads. We now check the water daily just to be sure we're good to go with our water. Strange how another lfs has just made a big thing of it too.
    Hi Mike,
    Checked our r/o yesterday, it was showing nitrate but at less than 5ppm, never the less we drianed the full system flushed everything through and replaced all of the filters, Joe will check it again today but I'll be surprised if its showing anything at all now.
    Cheers mate, all of our filters got changed on Sunday although I'll get our Joe to check them today just to make sure theres nothing wrong with any of the ro filters.
    hi Phil i got 2 25 l of ro on sunday n the nitrates were very high near on 40 just trying to tell you mate before someone with a bigger mouth than me finds out have a check mate thanks Mike
    If you ring Joe at the shop 01482 844168 and he can tell you if we'll have space, personly with the size of our next shippment I don't thing we will have a lot of spave for a week or two, but best ring Joe as he knows more of whats going where.
    Regards Phil.
    Sorry tigerbird45, no Pulsing xenia in at the minute although we have 8 boxes of corals coming in this next week, good mix of sps, lps & softies.
    Some great stock there phil I'll have to see them in the flesh mate have you any pulsing xenia if not do you want some mike
    Some nice bits of lps you got there, are you going to be getting regular deliveries now.

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