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  • Here you go buddy...post it for Carl to read PMSL
    Olasana Lagoon: High Energy SPS Nano Build Thread - Reef Central Online Community
    I am not sure about how he started the tank...just checked out the last page and its still going i think...will have to read it though
    Wasn't that a tank he had 'knocking about' though? It costs about £3.50 a day to run a lumenarc!
    Hi mate, any chance you could drop me a PM when you're back from your trip? Cheers.
    Hya mmatte do you
    Have Steve uk. Mobs number. I e Aranged to meet him today to drill my sump. But I'm getting no answer at the shop
    Same here today! Only went to get an ammonia and nitrite test, ammonia 0.6 and nitrite 1. God I hate cycles, especially tank related ones.
    Remember when you never used to avoid me? 3 times in 4 days you have been to Burscough and dodged me! :crybaby2:

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