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  • hi Toby,diver 807 here.not been around for awhile thought I would pop back in to see how thing s aare here. I don't seem to get my head around how to add a tread to reintroduce myself,can you help please. cheers Brian
    Hi I’m after an RO or RODI unit and was pointed in your direction. I wonder if you could suggest something. I’m presently putting a new system together and slowly building up hardware – any suggestions regarding reactors or the other…. Cheers.
    Hi Toby,I have been pointed in your direction by Chippypal who suggested that you may be able to supply me with foam inserts for my Bubble-magus reactor ? They need to be 7cms in diameter and approx 2cm thick.Can you help at all? happy to reimburse you for all your trouble and inconvenience.let me know payment method preferred (paypal?) many thanks Dave
    Hi Toby, I placed an order on your website - order number 140115-174810-9011 - on the 15th Jan. On the site it is just showing as "processing (see order notes)" but there aren't any order notes. Is there a problem with the order?


    Hi Ive after an RO unit and was pointed in your direction. I wonder if you could suggest something and give some advice? Thanks.
    I have been pointed in your direction, I hope you can help.
    I am after the 12v power lead and plug for a kamoer dosing unit.
    any help tracking one down appreciated.
    Hi toby was thinking its about time I got my own ro unit was looking not to break the bank yet want one that cartridge can be replaced was looking at a d-d 50 us gall unit what do u think bud can u advise me and reccomend a good unit? , cheers andy
    Inbox for pm's full!

    Cheers for the tips mate, I'll see when it arrives and have a look through!

    Might need some other equipment after this as I've been trawling the forums and had some people waste my time, another accuse me of wasting his (after he told me he would keep his lights, then publicly say I had not paid even tho he told me they weren't for sale...)...

    either way I MIGHT be on the lookout for a few other pieces, in particular something in the way of a refuge or the aquaone marysis unit or something so that I have some kind of sump, otherwise I'd be on a liverock only style tank which isn't ideal for me as I want to keep corals etc.

    Further to this, have you got deals on salt/lighting units? I am only interested in LEDs or T5 at the moment as Halides will be too warm in my apartment where the tank is at the moment!

    Cheers mate!

    p.s. do you do livestock mailordered?
    Thanks for the feedback bettyboo,

    pleased to hear the tank is enjoying it!, keep your eyes peeled for additions to the range of foods on the way :)
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