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  • hi there pete :) just wondering if uve had any luck with the tunze? if you could let me know please hun,thankyou x
    hi there ! ive found the name of that coral lol its seriatopora hystrix its pink.lol ive also put the maroons on lol heres hoping.thanks 4 showing us round today n advise the target feeding is making a improvment! x
    http://URL="http://www.thesaltybox.com/forum/thesaltybox-com-news/120819-salty-box-liverpool-world-museum-visit-september-15th-dont-miss.html"]Liverpool meet be there or be square [/URL
    Do you think it s high enough to burn the tips of one coral? Its only affecting a nana. I'll get over to you asap for that iodine if thats ok and give it a whirl.

    Hi mate, tested K and it was between 450 and 470. How does that sound to you???
    Do you think it could be lack of iodine???

    Cheers, Dan
    Hi Killi, Dave has pointed me in your direction, he said you might have some Calerpa & Cheato spare if I send a self address envelope and bag?

    Thanks in advance if you can help and happy to give you a drink for it.

    Hi Pete, frags doing ok except for purple acro, it was fine while it was on frag rack but withinin a day of moving to a rock midway up my tank it had stripped about 70% from the base, not sure whats wrong all my other sps are ok even some blue tip caro I have, any ideas? also I am going to upgrade my Arcadia series 3 to T5's, what tubes are you using and how do run them with your halides?


    pete, dave mc cant et on salty box and hes lost your phone number, can you ring him or send it to me and i will give it him pal.

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