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  • Yes mate, the BSP has totally gone. It didn't harm anything else in the tank, although when I researched shrimp maybe at risk. Also if you have any GSP or Xenia it will kill that as well. I do have some GSP in now that came with some LR and tbh it hasn't opened fully but then again it hasn't died. I will dig out his details and PM them to you. Good luck.
    Hi mate

    I got mine from a guy in the states, $10 each and $5 postage, I can get you his email addy?

    What size tank do you have? 1 tablet was enough for a 3x2x2
    The big thing though Jay, is in my area our tap water is very good anyhow
    The only thing I really noticed was my phospates increased a little & my tanks glass had to be cleaned more often sometimes every other day which is not the norm on my tank.
    No detrimental effect on my corals apart from my SPS colours were not as vibrant.
    Hi mate yes ilkl have more by then just let me know when you want it and ill have here for you.
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