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  • Hi Dave ,don't know if you remember me Diver 807 from a few years ago but I am trying to get back on the forum, if i'm allowed. but I can't seem to find out how to post threads. can you help please.
    hi there gedmin has pointed me towards you as im after some used saltwater for my holding tank roughly 50 litres im only in breighmtet. if possible could you let me know when your doing a water change thanks. i have 2 containers.
    hi dave just having a clear out iv got a auto shut off valve for ro unit you can have if you,ve not already got one cheers mick
    I have donated £5 for the raffle but couldn't find where to request what numbers I would like,but any 5 will be fine if its still possible to add them for me
    Don't know what's gone on here Dave but I have just had two pm's come up as posted today from a question I asked at the beginning of September. One of them is an answer you sent the next day (I think) and I thank you for that. The second one I'm not sure about but thanks anyway.
    Hi Dave,

    Just read this on the forum.

    "My in line tds meter went faulty & I did not get around to replacing it for 6 months. Well fitted my new one last week & to my horror my tds after the membrane was 25 & 10 after the Di pod. I immediately changed my Di resin & I'm back to zero again but I know I need a new membrane which I will be buying very soon. That will teach me to be complacent. If my tds had not gone faulty then as soon as my reading went to 1 & i would have acted."

    Just out of interest how did this actually affect your tank. Did you have problems with the tds so high? I didn't want to put this on the main forum just in case it started a debate.

    Thanks in advance.


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