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  • One looks like it's wearing a mask and the other stops air flow (assuming you use the apple as a gag) so not far off babe..........
    Ha..didnt send any...dont be offended. Hows tricks?..I expected to return to the forum to a mass of powder blue tang photos...alas not a single shot and now I need a new camera charger Hysterical
    been following your tank thread ,really liking it was going comment in your tank thread about it looking good and comin on but didnt wanna interupt between you and all your bromance`s. i was going add the mention tag in the potm comp but dont know how but dont matter as youve seen it by liking my post
    Be warned. If you watch that rather than scape your tank you will be forced to go out and rape some truck drivers just to prove your manhood!
    Actually no, I had a look, meant to put something on the forum, then totally forgot. Is the sample from your old tank? Only ask because there is very little life int here Im afraid to say. A couple of copepods and the odd snail, but no where near what Id expect. If it was a new set up then fair enough but if its old Id expect a bit more in there that I found.
    I dont get that?...have I missed something on the forum...been out of the office all day?..or was it meant for someone else? :wink:
    Steve, I'm going to be buying the 92" tank from 4 head would you be available to help loading it ?
    Not sure when tho
    You Smell.

    This is an unofficial test of the Visitor Messages. I just felt inclined to try it.
    Hi matey pm box full

    Once cleggy confirms your up next to pick your blue zoos mateBig Thumbs Up if you have changed your mind no probs
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