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Dec 5, 2019
Feb 22, 2010
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Dec 5, 2019
    1. FmJames

      Sound like you either have brook or marine velvet, without picture I cant tell 100% but its most likely the cause. You want to treat with formalin or some of the
      other medications mentioned in the thread if you have been following it. If you need more advice just message me using the PM messing or just make a post in the
      health section of the fish forum.

      I would leave the tank fishles or fallow for 3 months, but you got to make sure you dont contaminate you display tank and quarantine tank with each other, otherwise you will have to keep resetting the 3 month clock.

      UV is useless unless you get an extremely big oversized unit with low flow flowing through it, most people just dont realise this, unless you have a commercial
      system or 2-4 home system UV in series, they practically useless.

      let me know if you need any treatment advice, I think in future you should definitely quarantine all fish and treat prophylactic. Cooper is no good for brook

      good luck
    2. madskimmer
      Hi have been following your post on markr thread,u nsure how to get message to u via that post,hence message here ,hope u don't mind. After ur advice.
      we have a 660ltr tank we had wspot few week ago , this then brought out another disease which at he time was unsure wot it was, now believe it poss was brook, after losing fish rapidly we removed stock to a holding tank(not mine), to try treat with copper, whilst in holding tank we are still losing stock, my tank is now completely empty of fish , has had large wc and put new uv bulb in just to be sure once we start to put any stock back in..probably lost around 25 fish so won't be many due back in if any.

      .query is what next,?
      how long do u suggest leave tank empty?
      all parameters appear ok.
      thanks in advance.
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